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  1. Thanks for the YMM contri. Is there a faster way to use it, like with EP? The more than 50.000 products on optitune.nl are killing me! :)

  2. Dekawaman

    Easy Populate and YMM contributions

    I have the same problem, for almost 50.000 articles, witch can fit over 200 motorcycles. Combined more than 100.000.000 YMM handlings. I really need some way of EP to do this.... can any one help me?
  3. Cant find it anywhere.... but i now someone has made this contri allready. What i want is to place 1 product, ad the end of the checkout procedure with a checkbox, saying, "do u want to buy this product?" Even more great would be if this product has a special price for the order in a price range. So if the customer orders for 100€ he can also buy product X with 5% discount. If he buys for 200€ he can buy product X with 10% discount and so on. Product X has to be shown in the checkout process with a checkbox. Product X has to be manually selected in the admin, so i can change this like every week. I just want this for one product at a time.