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  1. alex or anybody?

    Bumping it constantly isn't going to get anyone's attention. There are hundreds of contribution threads going on at any given time and the chances of anyone coming along who is using this, is pretty slim.


    At any rate, what do you mean it does not work? You cannot click on the link button? You get a cannot load page error when you click on it? You need to be specific or nobody is going to be able to help you.

  2. Looks great. I have a couple issues. The resize is looking for GD/GD2 library of some sort. Is there a way around this? I assume I am going to have to re-compile my PHP with this function?


    Issue 2: The reflection is not displaying properly i relation to the parent image. Where can this be modified?

    Issue 3: I am using transparent on black background. Obviously the text isn't showing up. Where can I specify the text color?

  3. Great code! I have been looking all day for something to set my site apart from all the others. I was thinking, do you think shadowbox would be capable of bringing up a "quick view" of the category page?


    Lets say a customer is looking through all the different products in the category grid. They click on "quick view" for a decent size not that big box to show up showing brief information for the product, if the customer would like to add it to their cart, and if they wish to see more..


    I have yet to really look through the coding behind shadowbox, but if I had a page ready to go and passed the variables to it, I think we would have something there.



    Wouldn't be a problem. Just have to do up the code for it. Only problem I have STILL not been able to solve is how to pass the onclose variable (as discussed previously in the thread) to the links/forms. Can't just hard code them as apparantly you need to use oscommerce's way of doing things to session information does not get lost.


    I sent a PM to someone who I figured would know the answer but they never got back to me on it. :( And I'm not one t persist. Heh.


    That little bit is holding me back. I have so many plans I want to implement with Shadowbox on one of my shops but I have moved on without it for the time being.


    As or having your site stand out, did you check out that very nice code I posted awhile back in thisthread that allows for PNGs to be used regardless of the browser and version? Very neat stuff. :D

  4. Just to clarify....

    HTML Transitional will not work with Shadowbox.

    HTML Strict does, but because you're telling the browser to use strict formatting, tables with end up padded across browsers.

    XHTML Transitional was the work-around I used to get everything working and tables looking the same on all browsers.


    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">

  5. I'll take a look through the code but I'm not much of an expert so I don't know if I'll be able to find the right part.


    Heh. Neither am I. If things are obvious to me, through trial and error I can usually get things to work. But I certainly do not know what I am doing. Heh.


    The reason I asked about the images having them when called directly, probably means that the function to show the watermaks is added to the image within the product_info file itself. Which means that you have someone got to have that portion of code (for displaying the images) to open up into the Shadowbox with the image. Could be wrong as I have no idea how the contribution works, but sounds plausible.

  6. Not sure what to tell you. Do you know how the images are handled? Are the images dynamic or are they saved/cached?

    Does Shadowbox load the right image sizes and just not the watermarks?


    Are you able to manually type in the URL to the image in your browser and see the image?Is it watermarked there?

  7. What you have to remember is that in the origional contribution, you're setting the DOCTYPE to strict to work with Shadowbox. Which means, CSS is going to be treated with less slack. So any issues in the coding (mainly with tables) are going to be forced to show up.


    You can fix that by going with XHTML transitional. Appears to work that way no problem.


    As for Shadowbox working in the index page, all you need to do is change the doctype, and call the shadowbox CSS and JSs from the index page just like you do with the product_info.php page.


    You can actually do it with any page you want. Though some pages, you leave the DOCTYPE out as it's being called from a parent page.

  8. I was having the same problem, it works on a site with SSL. But without the SSL the image/banner wont show up. So in 4 files-- affiliate_banners_build.php affiliate_banners_build_cat.php affiliate_banners_category.php affiliate_banners_product.php

    find all instances of


    and replace with


    Affiliate_banners_build.php, and affiliate_banners_category.php were working fine. Just the build_cat which isn't showing the images. Either way, I replaced the HTTPS with HTTP to no avail.


    On your's, what banner is being shown for your affiliate-built category image? The default OSC image for the category?

    Would you mind posting your build_cat code here fo me to take a look at?

  9. I am using the latest version of OSC. And it should work no problem. All I can recommend is to upload your files to a server so I can see what is going on. Because I can't help you otherwise.


    One other thing to try, is to put a Shadowbox link in the product description of one of your products and try it from there. Just replace the contents of one of your products with this, and if everything is working, it will pop up google in a Shadowbox.


    <a rel="shadowbox" href="http://www.google.com">OPEN GOOGLE IN SHADOWBOX </a>

  10. Bah. Speaking of root directory...... I don't have a catalog directory. I install my shops to the root directory of my website. And those were the files I put in the zip package.


    Which means you probably have to add /catalog/ in front of the scripts and stylesheets on those files most likely. It never occured to me that some people install in that catalog directory. Heh.