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  1. Hi all! I've looked for the answer to this for a few days, and haven't got an answer, there may not be one, but anyway: I've got well over 3,000 products, I have them all on a spreadsheet, but I have one problem. The Desciptions where copied and pasted from a Word doc. hence not html tags.... Is there a way I can at least get a <br> tag at all the line breaks? Because as of now all my descriptions are just one big paragraph. I've been looking for a way for Excel to do it, but I noticed when I export a file from my database (via easy populate :thumbsup: ) the line breaks are still there, they just don't break on my website. I'm still a little green with PHP and SQL and I'm just wondering if there is a way for me to get line breaks without having to do it manually to over 3,000 products. Thanx Guys