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  1. i4media

    zone problems

    After further examination, i have noticed that it is adding an extra 2Kg/Lb(s) to the total value, if anyone can shed any light on this i would be greatful.
  2. i4media

    zone problems

    Hi, I have installed zone rates for shipping into my shopping cart, the weights are from 2 (lbs) at the moment, upwards, and each item has a weight value of 1.5(lbs). the amount for upto 2(lbs) is 2.50. but its showing as 5.00 instead of 2.50?! weired! If anyone can shed any light on this, ide be interested. Cheers and thanks in advance. Ryan
  3. i4media

    Paypal not appearing...

    Just as an afterthought to my post, i am using a skinned version of MS2.2 which is located at linzishoes.com if anyone can give me a solution asap as this has been effecting the site for a couple of days now. thanks in advance
  4. i4media

    Paypal not appearing...

    hi, i have had my osC setup and running with the use of worldpay for a while now, and it shows on the checkout_payment.php page as "secure credit card" but, i tried to change this to paypal ipn which was posted by Harald Ponce de Leon and it doesnt show up on that page at all, the only one other then the worldpay module is credit card... if anyone can shed any ideas on this i would be greatful.