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    [Contribution] STS v4

    Good :rolleyes:
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    Paging in Ultimate URL doesnt work

    Thanks buddy, the solution rocks. Thanks a lot.
  3. I have installed this contribution. Its great I just have problem with paging. If the products are more on the page, the page shows page numbers. Now when I click on page numbers, the same page appears again, it doesn't go to next page. I think I need to do something in htaccess file but I don't know how to write redirect rule. You can check the website I developed at http://www.theramedic.co.uk/rise-recline-chairs-c-29.html click on the page 2 at the bottom of the product list, it wont go anywhere. I really need help urgently, thanks in advance. regards, Mahendra Sharma
  4. Hi I have integrated store with oscommerce and Ultimate SEO contribution by chemo. I have used the latest version of SEO contribution. Everything works perfect except the paging. If th product page has more products, it shows page links at the bottom see here http://www.theramedic.co.uk/rise-recline-chairs-c-29.html Try to click on Page links or next page link at the bottom, it just refreshes the page but never goes to other page. Please help.