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  1. kmarkeg

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi Scott. I do not know is your still monitoring this post, but if you are. (or if any one else have an idea for me.) Love your work, but can't use it because of one thing. I need in addition to your functionality, to be able to use the specials.php module to make an offer to a specified customer, on a specified products, for a specified period of time. Example: Have a customer on the phone. We agree on a specified price for a product. I tell him that I will make this offer valid until next Wednesday, only for him. I know that the CGDiscountSpecials contribution have this, but it does not let me make different discount on different products. Does anyone have any ideas of how to combine these two contributions, or do you Scott, have anyone a plan of implement this functionality into this contribution? Thanks in advanced Knut
  2. kmarkeg

    [contribution] CGDiscountSpecials

    Hi Davide. Let me first say that this is a great contribution! Just one question: Is there any easy way of disabling the feature: *users must be logged in to see prices I want to give users a default 0% discount when not logged in. Thanks Knut