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  1. Shipping Rate Table

    Hi I have searched through for this so forgive me if it is somewhere that I have missed. I have changed the table.php which is at: \includes\languages\english\modules\shipping\table.php In there I changed Republic of Ireland to European Union because we now want to sell to customers from a wider area. It shows as correct on the website but when you go into the shipping module it still shows as Republic of Ireland. How can I change that please? Thanks, Paul
  2. Hi Has anyone got a working solution for exporting transactions from OSCommerce to Quickbooks 2008 UK version? There is a contribution but that is only one that works with the US version. Thanks, Paul
  3. QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam Thanks for the info. Even though you state that it only works with the US version other than the multiple tax issue we are happy with it working on the UK 2008 version of Quickbooks. Thanks, Paul
  4. QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi I have the Quickbooks QBI Import installed and I have a Tax problem. The cart has two different tax levels. One at 17.5% and one at 5%. When we do a test order of an item at 17.5% the IIF goes into quickbooks fine. The same works if we make an order for a 5% tax item. The problem is when we make an order for multiple items at different rates Quickbooks won't accept the import. I have looked into the settings under configure and I have the following: Taxes turned on: This is ticked on. Tax name: This field is empty. Tax Agency: This field is empty. Tax Rate: This field has a zero in it. I have had a look through this forum but apologies if this is a common problem that I am repeating. Cheers, Paul
  5. Variety of Shipping options

    No problem. Thanks, Paul
  6. Variety of Shipping options

    I'll give that a try thanks.
  7. Variety of Shipping options

    I have had a look at it doesn't seem to know if an order is from the UK or Ireland. Thanks, Paul
  8. Variety of Shipping options

    Thanks for that. I'll give it a try. Paul
  9. Hi I have had a look on the forum so I'm sorry if I have missed it. Is there an add-on that will allow me to set my shipping options for customers as follows: 1. UK - Free Delivery 2. UK - Recorded Delivery £0.75 3. UK - Next Day Delivery £4.00 4. Ireland - £4.00 Thanks, Paul
  10. Quantity Price Breaks

    Well I started to have a go at installing on a test site using our template but unfortunately there seems to be a lot of differences in the coding and in some instances the code referred to just is not there. I even looked just for a part (i.e. $currencies) and it wasn't there. My PHP skills are very limited. Two questions: Is there a site where I can see this up and running (admin as well as the cart)? Thanks, Paul
  11. Quantity Price Breaks

    I've added products to the shopping cart and added attributes that give quantity details. E.G. 5 pack for £5.00 10 pack for £9.00 20 pack for £17.00 When in the shopping cart the actual quantity value is still 1 if you select the 20 pack. I would prefer it to show either 20 or when the product is a five pack then 4. Is QPBPP what I need to resolve this issue or is there a simpler way of sorting out the issue? Thanks, Paul
  12. QBI Quickbooks Import

    Does the Import work with the UK version of Quickbooks 2008? Thanks, Paul