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  1. you need to upload the 'easypopulate_functions.php' file into 'includes/functions'. hope this helps!
  2. This may have been covered in the thread so far, but 315 pages is quite a bit to wade through. My questions is in regards to the model number size... //**** Size of products_model in products table **** // set this to the size of your model number field in the db. We check to make // sure all models are no longer than this value. this prevents the database from // getting fubared. Just making this number bigger won't help your database! They must match! // If you increase the Model Number size, you must increase the size of the field // in the database. Use a SQL tool like phpMyAdmin (see your host) and change the // "products_model" field of the "products" table in your osCommerce Database. define ('EP_MODEL_NUMBER_SIZE', 12); // default is 12 Am I reading this correctly...that all product model numbers must be the same length and match the number of characters defined here? I will be dropshipping products from numerous vendors and each vendor may have their own way of assigning product numbers. If certain products have a smaller product number length will I need to insert additional characters before uploading?