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    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    Hi, I am just setting up a store that will be using the 'call for price' contribution with a link on the product page to the contact us form, if I was to use this contribution would it be able to pass the product name to the form with out the need of typing it, also have the product title passed on to the email. Thanks Rachel
  2. remove <!-- -->, should have seen this when I was adding your contribution, can I blame the children running around my feet. lol... Thanks :) can't seem to edit post sorry..
  3. Thanks todd, your a STAR............ was going to look at code tomorrow but you saved me lots of time.. will have a look at the light box on saturday and let you know how I get on.. Thanks for your time. :)
  4. Hi I have installed version 1.3j and all seems to work fine, I would like to know if it is possible to use a lightbox addon with this. also like Joel I can not see the parent image and I can not enter a different image in admin due to no input box. Still a great contribution..... Thanks for your time
  5. Hi, This is an excellent contribution which works on windows XP, however when using windows vista I get the same problem as ROLJ, also have checked at other sites using this mod and have the same error, can someone tell me if they have any problems with vista, I am using internet explorer on both xp and vista. Thanks Rachel
  6. baby-cares

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Thanks for this contribution, excellent work :) Didrik did you get the SEO part to work? I'm having the same problem, works fine if you disable SEO in admin. Thanks Rachel