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    ckeditor for the front page

    can anyone answer this. I downloaded the ckeditor and the video I just watched showed a front page under modules in admin, but I can't find that. I've tried downloading the other pages, but it keeps breaking my site. I really just need a html editor secton on my index page.
  2. I only ship with a table rate. I installed the latest version of one page checkout. 1.08. When going through, under shipping method it says This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. Then when I hit continue it says shipping selection error you must select a shipping method. Anyone have this problem and was able to fix it?
  3. JBCards

    Export orders into csv

    I have this contribution working for me and am happy about it. I have the product attribute option type feature and I need the information typed in by others in the fields for their orders. How do I pull these into the csv file? I'm obviously not a php expert and can really only about cut and paste.
  4. Okay guys, I feel extremely dumb right now. This looks like exactly what I want. Now, how do i get to it to use it? Obviously I am a newbie and I'm not a phper, so code is not my specialty. I have it all installed and can't figure out how to use it for anything. So far, everything I have clicked on looks the same and I can't find anything in my admin files either. What I ultimately want is to use this in a text area that a customer will type in. Am I in the right direction, or is this something else? Here is kind of what I am looking for. http://www.trailsofthenorth.com/posts.aspx if you click the write a comment, the box there uses tinymce. Hope this makes sense. Thanks guys for any help for someone that obviously is in over my head.
  5. I'm trying to do the transparent gifs for the corners for my boxes. However, I'm having a really hard time making these. I think the pixel is 91 x 91. I'm just wondering if they are somewhere that I can't find.
  6. Thanks guys. This should do.