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    EP Settings

    first fatal comes from php.ini if you control it then change the max execution time. product_model length is described within the documentation. if you want longer part numbers you need to edit the database. backup your database. for your temp file i would do it differently: /home/username/tmp with 777 properties and not in public_html
  2. are you wanting them to be displayed or? what kind of links?
  3. Mibble

    How can i fix this checkout problem?

    try to setup your temp area to somewhere within your store directory structure.
  4. reinstall it then copy the lines before and after
  5. look in your includes/modules/shipping directory, you should have renamed zones.php to something else (zones.phpbak or something like that) and then copied zones.php and zones2.php into the same directory. this is a fairly straight forward installation. follow the instructions and you will get it to work. Instructions: 1. Make a backup of your original zones.php files in /includes/modules/shipping 2. go to the osc admin and make sure the zones rates shipping module in not installed. if it is then make note of your current settings and de-install it. 3. put the files zones.php and zones2.php into /includes/modules/shipping (this will replace the exitsing zones.php, which you already backed up right) 3. put the files in the languages folder into /includes/languages/english/modules/shipping (replacing zones.php here as well) 4. Go to the osc admin and install the two new shipping modules.
  6. missing a field in your code somewhere. did you add fields to ep? if so check all the spots where you changed code.
  7. Mibble

    Easy Populates Not Working

    what do those lines show? (code)
  8. Mibble

    Easy Payment line 1076 1101

    could be an ending ?> with lots of empty lines below. would need to look at the file.
  9. Mibble

    Easy Populates Not Working

    files should be csv
  10. does your server have log files?
  11. Mibble

    PDF invoice problem

    looks like a language definition is missing, look in the installation instructions and the source code to see what it is referencing, then you can fix it from that info.
  12. Mibble

    Nochex module closes my store!

    most likely a setting at your nochex account setting on their site
  13. Mibble

    Issues with Call with Credit info - ASAP

    double check your files for empty lines at the ends (nothing after last ?> at end of any file!)
  14. could be placement of the order total and coupon, if the coupon is placed after order total on display, then merchant will get 30 and not 20.
  15. post the top half of your configure.php file as well as more info on your ep upload (first 5 to 10 products should do)
  16. you can use a program called windows grep which will search your whole local site for whatever words you are looking for
  17. Mibble

    Which WPP module is "correct"?

    is tax being added to the products? it is probably a matter of the order of tax and shipping in order total, as tax usually comes before shipping and it sounds like you need it after, thus change the order of display
  18. Mibble


    index.php is the page to do this on. or try the column_left or right.
  19. Mibble

    Credit Card Module Input Fields

    is a matter of editing the page, if button checked call next section else skip
  20. having problems? ultradrives.com
  21. Mibble

    Paypal activation at admin

    you set the module to active?
  22. Mibble

    Easy Populate Question

    answered in other post
  23. depends what the instructions say. you can use a compare program like beyond compare to merge files together fairly quickly
  24. Mibble

    Create PDF Invoice and Emal to Customer

    why not just liven up the email which is sent to the customer?
  25. Mibble

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    sure you have not made any editing problems on the bottom of some of the pages? you can not have any empty space after the very last ?> so the ones you modified go to the end of the page and hit the backspace key until you get to the ?>