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  1. When will it be approved? I'm waiting for it. The affiliate addon for 2.3.1 would be very welcome.
  2. Thanks Jim I had the same problem with the double domainname in the canonical tag and your fix solved the problem.
  3. Is OSC-Affiliate compatible with oscommerce v2.3 ?
  4. I was wondering if it is possible to get headers above the customer loop? If it is possible then it is possible to download and import the file direct into sage. I was wondering where i would have to place the headings: Do I have to tweak it a little bit around: ??? //print_r($customers); //Test print array tep_db_free_result($new_customers_result); //Housekeeping //End do the queries $cust_count = count($customers); if (!empty($customers)) { //If no new customers have signed up since the last update then skip writing a CSV for ($i=0; $i < $cust_count; $i++) { //Loop through all customers that have purchased $handle = fopen(DIR_FS_ADMIN . 'sage_csv/customers_' . $filename . $date_updated . '.CSV', 'a'); fwrite($handle, $customers[$i]['customers_id'] . "," $customers[$i]['customers_city'] . "," . $customers[$i]['customers_state'] . "," .
  5. Hi, Is it possible to show the price in the /catalog/pricematch.php file tax inclusive? For now I have only 1 tax so I wanted to multiply my variable with 1,21 (because tax=21%) In the file are the following codes: $this_Price = $_REQUEST['price1']; .... <tr> <td><?php echo PRICEMATCH_OUR_PRICE; ?></td> <td><input type="hidden" name="Price" size="10" value="<?php echo to_money($this_Price); ?>"><?php echo to_money($this_Price); ?></td> </tr> I wanted to add after $this_Price = $_REQUEST['price1'];, $this_Price2 = $this_Price*1,21; and use that variable then in my output.... But everything what I try it doesn't work. I think it is easy to solve but I'm not very good with variables Can anyone help?