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    STS 4.5.8 + ADDITIONAL IMAGES v2.0.0

    It looks like you have given up on Additional Images and moved to Lightbox. It does seem that Additional Images won't work with STS for some reason that I can't quite fathom although I did find half a workaround by creating a separate includes/application_top.php for the popups. It also doesn't work with search friendly URLs switched on either, although the display does seem to up to a point. I think I'm about to do the same for a client now.
  2. I've been fighting to get indvship working for about a week now and my only conclusion is that it doesn't act like a standard module. There shouldn't be any need to put any code anywhere other than the module, and I strongly believe that modified code in checkout_shipping.php is causing the correct action to fail. I am currently looking at the code in order to make it work properly. If anyone else feels like dusting off their PHP skills and trying to make this module work properly, don't hesitate to have a go, but at the moment I think it's reasonable to say that Individual Product Shipping does not co-operate with other shipping modules.
  3. My client has individual rates per item in the UK and three zones with two levels of cost by weight in Europe. I have installed Individual Product Shipping 4.3 for this and it works acceptably if a little shakily, and I have installed Zone Rates for European shipping. This doesn't work when tested with an address in another country. I have tried to get Individual Product Shipping with Zones working but after carefully adding it in to my installation I break checkout_shipping.php. Has anyone else got Individual Product Shipping and Zone Rates working together and if not are there any other options? For that matter, is there any way of getting Individual Product Shipping working with different zones? The module suggests that it's possible but it seems to be too much work in the body code to implement it, although I am getting close to doing that. It's the last thing to implement before going live and the client wants do that this weekend. Any help would be gratefully received.
  4. I've added the module and it's working properly for a single zone (UK). My client also wants rates for other countries. Looking at the code, it seems this can be done by defining zones and adding tax rates - would this be correct? The alternative appears to be to create a module for each zone defined so there is an Individual Product Shipping - Zone 2, Individual Product Shipping - Zone 3 etc etc. I'm not entirely certain of how to do this, and if, as I suspect, my client has individual prices for countries, it's going to be rather messy. Has anyone done this or is there an alternative solution? Do I have to write an alternative solution?
  5. sfgreenwood

    Help With Conversion To Tableless Design

    For some reason the code is generating some javascript within the table row. The $radio_buttons variable is presumably generating some table cells. You should be able to retain the javascript within a div or span and turn the output of $radio_buttons into a list.
  6. sfgreenwood

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Catalog infoboxes I am trying to customise my infoboxes with images for titles. I can do this with the static infoboxes by creating infobox_infoboxname_header.php.html and infobox_infoboxname.php.html and replacing $headertext with a static img src tag, but I can't seem to do the same with the catalog infoboxes. I have tried to customise the shopping cart infobox by creating infobox_shopping_cart_header.php.html and infobox_shopping_cart.php.html *and* catalog_shopping_cart_header.php.html and catalog_shopping_cart.php.html but neither does anything. I'm using STS 4.5.6 and I'm a bit reluctant to upgrade to 4.5.8 at the moment as I'm very close to going live. Am I missing something? I can't find any other reference to this so apologies if this is a FAQ but I'm going to have to roll everything back if I can't find an answer.