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    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Hi Bill, Sorry to bother you with these questions Bill but I'm really struggling, have been going between my web host that supports osCommerce (allegedly !) and PayPal I'm fast losing my hair, whats left of it. I've spent hours going through the Forums but am becoming more & more confused. What I'm trying to acheive is selling digital photo files (for download) on my site using osCommerce, I've read & printed out your excellent step by step (thank you) regards loading products into OS. In the Products Attributes, filename field, should I be inserting the complete path? as in: http://www.tridentsolutions.com./photo_dow.../photoimage.zip (photo_download is the folder where all the OS files are placed on the web server). I have a Business Account with PayPal, the IPN is ON, what file should I be pointing to here? at the moment it has the following: http://www.tridentsolutions.com.au/comersu...entResponse.asp. This is the shopping cart (Comersus) I'm replacing with OS. Auto Return is also set at ON, what file should I be placing here? In the Payment Modules, the PayPal has a default setting of: jeff_paypal@jeffdom.com what should I be putting here? Again, sorry to hit you with all this but I'm becoming desperate and would be very grateful for your help. Thanks in advance. Regards Pete