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  1. Hi all, I am very new to this and will need and appriciate your help. I have correctly made the changes but my problem is getting the commands on the SQL to work. I have been told that I have to put them one by one as if they are all put in at once it will not work. (Just to clarify this, it's my first time using the SQL). I started to put them one by one and the 'INSERT TO' INSERT INTO configuration (configuration_id, configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, last_modified, date_added, use_function, set_function) VALUES ('', 'Enable Additional Images?', 'ULTIMATE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES', 'enable', 'Display Additional Images below Product Description?', 4, 10, now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'enable\', \'disable\'),'); Seems to work fine when added one by one. BUT as soon as I start to put these 'ALTER TABLE' in the same SQL window ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_image_med` VARCHAR(64) AFTER `products_image`; I start getting errors. What am I doing wrong? Am I not supposed to put them all in the same box? Maybe I am not getting it in the right place as all this has been done guess work. This site is an addon domain at my other site so, What I do is, I go to:- Cpanel--php/my/admin--(choose my database on the left hand side)--(a big table of files comes up & I dont click on any of them but go staright to the top SQL button and a big box comes up--I writte the first command '''INSERT INTO configuration.... and it works fine'''--I then press the Edit button so that I can add the rest one by one and another box opens and allows me to add them one by one, they all work--as soon as the is done and I start the 'ALTER TABLE' I get: Error SQL query: # Affected rows: 1 ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_image_lrg` VARCHAR( 64 ) AFTER `products_image_med` ; MySQL said: #1060 - Duplicate column name 'products_image_lrg' I AM NOT SURE WHY I KEEP GETTING THIS BUT I DO NOT DUPLICATE THEM, IT WILL NOT EVEN ALLOW ME TO GET THE SECOND ONE IN. Your help will be much appriciated, I am also very sorry about this massive essay. Thank you in advance reloadzzz