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  1. shonzagall

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    Yes, that does help very much Roaddoctor. Yesterday I was really having a hard time understanding what the module is really doing, but I got it now. Again, thank you very much, your words were very much appreciated. Shon
  2. shonzagall

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    Hi, I'm new to OSCommerce. I was given a few days to change a website from ups to fedex shipping. The website was done in oscommerce so I downloaded the Real Time Quotes Fedex module, installed it, got a test server account, everything seems to be working nicely, get my quotes for products, etc... Now I have to put the site into production mode, so I got the production credentials and put it into production. I'm still getting the quotes and everything seems to be in order. The drop off method is 1 which means fedex picks up the orders. Here's my problem - Other than plugging in the contribution module I don't really know what's going on. For example, a customer comes to the site and buys something, does the module contact fedex and tell them to pick up an order on such time to fullfill what the customer ordered? I'm confused because when I ordered production credentials from fedex, they gave me and authentication key, a production security code and a meter number. I just plugged in the account number and meter into Real Time Quotes and set it to production with a dropoff method of 1 (pickup). What are the authentication key and production security code for? There's no place to plug them in. Am I doing everything correctly? Will the stuff get picked up from the site's client's business address? So my questions are basically: 1. From what I wrote above, am I doing everything correctly? 2. After a order is placed on the site, what do we have to do? (other than package the order in a box) 3. What are the authentication key and production security code for? I see no place to use them. 4. Does it get picked up automatically? (since i set dropoff method to 1) 5. If everything should be working correctly and I'm just overreacting about my ignorance, at what point is fedex told to pickup the order? When the customer places the order on the checkout confirmation page? Or is it something the site manager will have to do? 5. I saw FedEx Automated Labels module for fedex on the site. Do I have to use this along with Real Time quotes module or does Real Time Quotes do everything? Help please, you don't have to answer all that stuff, just add whatever you know to fill me in a bit Shon