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  1. I've been searching and searching but could not find any contribution where the customer can choose to pay by check and then they enter their routing and acct #. So when I receive it on my end, I can just input it into my check writing software and print checks. Beats waiting for the check in the mail dont it? :P
  2. dimports

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    Wow i didn't realize how complicated this point was. my SQL is running MySQL 4.0.15. But your idea of approved and pending product mappings may be the solution. very ingenius. Regarding the Alorithm, I have many items with the same title such as 20 Moroccan Lanterns, etc. In this case the Alogorithm may not be neccessary, just a default product to map to should be sufficient (in my case). Although the Alogorithm would help of course in any case. Just a side note that you may want to consider regarding shipping. It would be a nice feature to have the shipping to default to the oscommerce shipping module unless a value is specified in the eBay shipping field in Admin. What you can do is have the ebay shipping field to have a default value of blank or -99. If this value is changed to >0, then this is the shipping cost that is used. Otherwise the oscommerce shipping module is used. By the way, this would help in the default product mapping. PS - cute logo Cornelious :D
  3. dimports

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    A few thoughts on this. Using this feature causes some issues. I will attempt to list the ones off hand that I can think of: 1. Shipping calculations: If you're using osc shipping modules based on weight, you have no idea what the weight is since it is not mapped to a real product. (Unless all of the items you sell are the same weight and you set that weight on the default item.) If you use the eBay shipping, then this will work fine. 2. Stock/Inventory: Inventory is decremented at order time. If the order is associated with a phantom product, your real product count is not getting decremented. (This could probably be overcome by handling inventory reconciliation in the admin IF you change the auction sale after the sale from the default product to the REAL product.) I question putting this feature into THIS version of the EAM, because it has bad side effects and because it can really screw the novice user. I KNOW we need an easier way to get up and running when you have lots of items AND don't care about inventory counts. I'll continue to work on it, and hopefully we can come up with a better workflow along the way. If you have further thoughts, it's time to chime in. hmmm this is a problem. it would be nice to product map by using ebay title and product title in oscommerce, but of course they will probably never be exact. So heres a thought, maybe if the majority of the words in the title match and price range match AND picture source are all matched. Definately there are many gaps in this idea, but it should be pretty accurate if all conditions are met. im not sure how the ebay lister will work, but im assuming that i will have to create auctions with the ebay lister for it to be product mapped from that point on. but what about auctions in the past or if i want to relist past auctions?
  4. dimports

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    What is meant by a generic product map is that all auctions are defaulted to map on productid=87 (for example). From there, the auction can be mapped to a specific product in you oscommerce, or is left to map on productid=87. Also I was wondering if this contribution is able to send out emails automatically after auctions end. i understand that the only this would probably work is if you left the shipping calculations to your oscommerce instead of the admin auction. Let me know if I wasnt too clear about the generic product mapping. Thx again.
  5. dimports

    [Contribution] Cross Sell (X-Sell) Admin

    Is there a way to add the "related products" box underneath the shopping cart basket as the customer is checking out? I really dont want it under each product because its usualy a distraction. So if its only in the checkout process, they might add something before the leave. I know its probably complicated programming, but anyone know if its at least possible?
  6. dimports

    Manual Point-of-Sale Contribution

    EXCELLENT IDEA! No more Information Technology, new world is Internet Technology. PM me if you're serious about starting this project. I outsource some help in programming to India for relatively low cost, and they know exactly what theyre doing and they do it QUICK. We can get together on this.
  7. dimports

    Yet Another Easy Populate Problem

    anyone know how to add an 'additional images' category for excel upload? I know big and small pictures work. but what about additional images per product?
  8. dimports

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    Is there a way to automatically map all auctions to a single generic item (like an item with an eBay logo picture with name "Auction Item")? The reason is because I don't really want to go thru each auction and map it. Inventory isn't an issue for me so I want to leave it as automated as possible. Let me know. Thx
  9. i was wanting to put my whole website onto a CD to give out as business cards. I was wondering if there's a way to convert oscommerce to function on a CD (without a server of course). The only way I can think of it would be to convert the entire site into html, then put it onto a CD. Of course, the shopping cart on the CD wouldnt be fully functional but at the end of their checkout out, it would send an email of what they're interested in from the CD. Another way to do it is to assume that they have an active internet connection and have the CD finish the transaction online at our website. Anyone think this is a good idea or even possible? Any feedback, input, or anything is greatly appreciated.
  10. dimports

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    oh so you were able to catch the old website as username!!! I just missed it so now I use designimportsusa*com {HINT-HINT-WITH-A-TIP-TIP}. A link you can cut and paste doesn't sound like something thats allowed.. it would just be too nice for eBay. Anybody know a way to post your website on your auctions?
  11. dimports

    multi vendor shipping problem

    oooh. hope you got your sh*t backed up. my advice is to take your old shopping_cart.php and do that one over. Another thing you can try is to make sure there are no blank spaces after the last ?> in you enlish.php file and shopping_cart.php file.
  12. thx for the valued input. could it be possible to put the needed 'compilers' with the PHP code and wrap it up into an executable file? I was wanting to put a little shopping cart on the CD and have it email me the order. Sure its complicated and it should probably go as far as enticing customers, but it would sure be nice tho.
  13. I have a proposal for the next update of this contribution. I believe it should function this way: Once you create an order for the customer, the contribution creates a product in a hidden category folder with the customized price and shipping price. Then the contribution sends the order invoice to the customer with a link to that created product for them to check out thru your cart. This would be a clean cut order flow. Any ideas anybody? Im sure we can gather enough brains and/or $$. Let me know if anybody knows.
  14. anybody know how to update this to MS2? Its not sending out emails from my cart
  15. dimports

    QuickBooks Contrib

    Thanks so much for your time and efforts in saving us time and effort! I have a question, if an item does not exist in Quickbooks but is in your store, what happens? Does you contribution automatically update Quickbook's item list? I have my whole store item list on an excel sheet, should I import it into Quickbooks (if there's a way)? Thanks again.
  16. I love Easypopulate and wouldn't know what to do without it. A million thx to the genuis author! I have the Additional Images Mod (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1032) installed to give more than one image per product (product pictures with different angles, etc). Does anybody know how to integrate Easypopulate with this mod? I found that someone has the solution but for MS1 (http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=47579&st=0). Maybe someone can decode it for MS2? This would be an excellent integration. Someone pls help. :unsure:
  17. dimports

    Product Listing Column contribution

    Another thing I wanted to ask about is I also wanted my search results in the column view as in each category. So i went into advanced_search_result.php and replaced FILENAME_PRODUCT_LISTING with FILENAME_PRODUCT_LISTING_COL and it should've been as simple as that.. but i get a blank page every time i search. Any ideas why or how to change the search result to the column view?
  18. I see that you can edit the number of items per row, but how do I edit the number of items per page? i have about 500 items on the same page!! What's weird is that it shows that they are split up into 6 pages (viewing 1 of 6), but all show up on the same page. Heres what I mean: http://www.designimportsinc.com/catalog/in...php?cPath=96_97
  19. dimports

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    I also have Individual Shipping contribution installed, but all my shipping prices have remained the same. No problem here. I hate to tell you, but you might've made a tiny mistake while hand-coding the changes.
  20. This has been brought up by just about everyone who's used this contribution. But there has got to be a way for Individual Shipping contribution to show up ONLY is it is specified in the product specs. I dont like the idea of all shipping options available to the customer no matter what's specified. i tried using multi-vendor contribution but that didnt work and I think its under beta still. I think there should be a way to specify: if indivship == NULL { then disable indivship } else { enable indivship } Anybody got an idea?
  21. When I create a customer order, no email is sent out. What could be the problem? Also I have a suggestion for an upgrade. It would be neat if when I create an order, the contribution creates a product in a hidden category with the right price and shipping cost. Then the contribution emails the customer of the invoice and a link to pay. Is this possible?
  22. dimports

    QuickBooks Contrib

    This contribution looks very nice, cutting many administrating tasks out. Anybody know how to get all products from osCommerce into QuickBooks item list?
  23. Here's the situation. I have people emailing me alot asking to buy the item at a negotiated price. It's all good until when I want to give them a link to pay for the item for the discussed price. I thought thats what Step-by-Step Manual Order contribution does, but it waaay doesn't. So I was thinking there's gotta be a contribution that creates a section in admin for you to choose an item and edit the price and even shipping fields to email to the customer for them to go thru the shopping cart process. Any ideas?
  24. dimports

    Automated Auction Process

    You should not need to dump auction_data. This is how it works, the items come back from ebay, mysql compares the auction number with the ones auction_data. If found it updates the necessary info. If not found it compares the title with the ones from auction listings and grabs the pID number. This is how the current auction gets linked to auction listings. Than it creates a new entry into auction_data with all of the necessary info. I looked into the decimal issue and I don't think it is a mysql issue because I entered large numbers manually and they went in just fine. I think this may be a PHP issue. what is the STS templates contribution? I think I may have herd about this. :blink: :rolleyes: :D I'm still puzzled why the auction listing in admin isn't linked to the ebay auction if the ebay auction was created beforehand, even though the titles are the same. I have to dump the auction_data file every time for it to work this way. Here's an idea I had. How about as ebay auctions come in, they are compared to the auction listings titles in admin. If the title exists, then the ebay auction is put into the database and then linked to the admin auction listing. If not, then it is passed up and not put into the auction_data database at all. This way, the admin auctio listing will always exist before the ebay auction (from the admin's perspective). It would be great if this is solved because I have many auctions active right now so I'm thinking that each time someone wins an auction, I can go into admin and fill out an auction listing (much like an invoice), update the auctions, and then that auction is taken care of from that point on. It would be such an incredibly smooth way to transition into your contribution. I was playing around with your contribution and I gotta commend you for such an awesome program. I know there's no competition in opensource really, but your contribution blows eBay manager away because of how you shifted most of the transaction responsibilities to the shopping cart, which already has the shipping figured out, customer info figured out, catalog is available, etc. This contribution takes things to a whole new level. Thx :) Regarding the decimal issue, can you pls point me to the php file that handles the prices. I'll try to figure out whats wrong and get back to you. PS - The STS contribution (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1506) is a contribution that dresses your online store with a template.
  25. dimports

    Automated Auction Process

    oh you must have STS templates contribution installed. I think that's where the problem is but if you add <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'column_left.php'); ?> to the beginning of the auctionout.php file and <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'column_right.php'); ?> to the end of the file it should work ;)