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    It would be nice to see what affiliate made the sale on the order invoices. How would I add that?
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    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Figured out what the problem was with the multiple template feature!!! In the configure.php file, just add a slash for your template directory definition: define('STS_TEMPLATE_DIR', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_templates/'); Thats the minor bug the contribution came with, it just didn't have a slash.
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    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Also another question. Is there a way to turn off the STS on a specific page?
  4. dimports

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I'm having a hard time understanding the multi-template feature. Can each page have its own template? I cant figure how to set this up.
  5. Ok, its not fully released yet. I need some help from the community. Here's the scenerio: Someone wants to buy something from my website. Special pricing and shipping has been discussed for days to close the deal. I finally close the deal and tell him I'll send him an invoice for payment. Now I started out with the Step-by-Step Manual Ordering contribution. I create an invoice. For payment method, I select a new option I created, "Request Payment". Then I update the invoice and it is emailed to him. He get a link to the invoice to pay me: https://securehost59.hrwebservices.net/~des...php?order_id=74 Loggon on using retail@designimportsinc.com and password is 'password'. As you can see, theres a checkout button. This will automatically put the products in the shopping cart for checkout. The problem I'm stuck with is that I'm not able to pass the special pricing and shipping cost in the shopping cart. It just takes it directly out of the SQL table. I tried putting an if statement: //If checking out using invoice... if ($HTTP_GET_VARS['invoice'] == '1') { require_once(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order.php'); $cart_order = new order($HTTP_GET_VARS['order_id']); for ($z=0, $x=sizeof($cart_order->products); $z<$x; $z++) { $products[$z]['final_price'] = $cart_order->$products[$z]['final_price']; } } It just makes the product's prices $0. I don't think the code above is close to solving the problem, so don't let it confuse you. I tried a number of things and I'm sure the answer lies somewhere in the Separate price per customers contribution and eBay Manager contribution, but I can't find it. Its too buried in the code to pinpoint it. I'm guessing so far that I would have to extend the shopping_cart.php class. Someone pls help if you understand! If you don't understand, let me know!! Thanks in advance.
  6. While editing the order in Admin, it seems the only time it sends an email to the customer is if the order status has changed, regardless if I appended comments or not. Is there a way to have an email sent to the customer any time the checkbox for "Notify Customer" is checked, regardless of status? Is this a bug or the way it was designed?
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    Is there a way to manually add affiliates?? I go under Affliates in the admin menu, then under Affliates again to see my list of affiliates, but don't see an "Add" button, which intuitively should be there. How would I add this? Perhaps it may even be better to be able to convert customers to affiliates by adding a drop down menu in the customer edit screen. I mostly deal in a business-2-business environment, so most of my customers are businesses. I'm not sure if this would work out for everybody, but it would in my case. Any help would be greatly appreciate. I haven't been able to test out the contribution yet, but I would firstly like to thank you for the EXCELLENT installation method!!!! GENUIS!
  8. I have products that would fit in a few different categories. Instead of creating a whole new file and having products duplicated across several files, is there a way to tell EP to put this single product in multiple categories?
  9. The problem all of a sudden went way. It went away before but came back. Pretty weird how a bug comes and goes. I'm gonna download that database optimizer contribution and see if that stablizes it a bit.
  10. Why is this an invalid arguement in edit_orders.php on line 223?? foreach($update_products as $orders_products_id => $products_details)
  11. Anybody figure this out?
  12. Will this cause any changes to your product or category ids. I give out some links like http://www......com/catalog/index.php?cPath=68 will take you to my lighting collection. After optimizing my tables, will it rearrange the ids and move lighting 'up the latter' and change it to an empty spot of cPath=47, for example? I want to maintain all my links, even tho they are supposed to be dynamic. Thanks in advance.
  13. Anybody have an idea of this error?
  14. dimports

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    This i believe is a vital issue because everyone knows how annoying duplicates are.. no one really has space to afford unneccessary duplicates. I was able to forward all image requests to one image folder by changing the html_output.php function file from: // alt is added to the img tag even if it is null to prevent browsers from outputting // the image filename as default $image = '<img src="' . tep_output_string($src) . '" border="0" alt="' . tep_output_string($alt) . '"'; To this: // alt is added to the img tag even if it is null to prevent browsers from outputting // the image filename as default $image = '<img src="/catalog/' . $src . '" border="0" alt="' . tep_output_string($alt) . '"'; And this will grab all images from the images folder in your main catalog.
  15. When I go on with the creation of the order and ignore my first warning, it gives me another warning when adding a product: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/designi/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/classes/order.php:112) in /home/designi/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 18 And again, when I click the back button it looks like there was never an error and the product is even added to the orders screen. Anybody have an idea? This is the function in general thats on line 18: // Redirect to another page or site ?function tep_redirect($url) { ? ?global $logger; ***LINE 18 ==> ?header('Location: ' . $url); <== LINE 18** ? ?if (STORE_PAGE_PARSE_TIME == 'true') { ? ? ?if (!is_object($logger)) $logger = new logger; ? ? ?$logger->timer_stop(); ? ?} ? ?exit; ?}
  16. contribution is great. I actually uninstalled this awhile back and decided to give it another go and this version is amazing. congrats on the improvments. Im hoping someone can help me with an error I get whenever I create an order. I get the error whenever I update the payment method (CC, PO, check, etc): Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/designi/public_html/catalog/admin/edit_orders.php on line 222 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/designi/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/classes/order.php:112) in /home/designi/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 18 When I click the back button, it updates it ok and looks like there was never an error. Why is this warning here?
  17. Anyone know how to add a filter feature in the search file? I wanted to be able to put sedans NOT ford To filter my search results from Ford. Anybody have an idea how to go about this?
  18. dimports

    Search Enhancements Contribution

    Love the plural addon. Anyway to add the feature of NOT.. as in serach: 'sedans NOT ford' would filter your search results from Fords.
  19. Excellent contribution. But how do I uninstall the Gift Voucher part of it.. It seems very confusing and unstable. The Discount Coupon seems suffient. Can anybody really explain the difference anyways and the benefits of the Gift Vouchers besides customers being able to buy Gift Cards for their friends?
  20. dimports

    Catalog products PDF reports

    how does your catalog look right now? you got a link?
  21. dimports

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    The links that STS put on my site arent really following the stylescript the table is giving them (see 'My Account' towards the top of my page: http://www.designimportsinc.com/catalog). Is there a way to force font colors to the STS links?
  22. dimports

    [Contribution] Adding new fields to Easy Populate

    I added 6 new fields and everything worked great. After adding the 7th new field in the code, everything starting getting confusing and mixed up for EP. EP starting confusing the headers and put model numbers in prices and weights in decription and so on. Is there a limit to the amount of new fields added. Is the location of the new fields in the code relvent? Also, has anybody hacked this contribution and made a User Interface out of it in the Admin section? That would top off EP and make it the best contribution out there. EP should definately be incorporated in the next osCommerce release.
  23. See thats the way I do it now. I organize my files by categories. So if I wanted something to exist in two categories, then the row would be duplicated.. One in one category file, and the other duplicate in the other category file. But when it comes time to update the price for that product, I have to go back in every file it exists in and change it. It would be nice if I can assign the product a 2nd category using the same row.
  24. im still having the same strange proplem. quantity is 1, I have EOREOR after each line, but half the products on the file are automatically set to inactive. I even tried different model numbers. Only name, description and picture are imported, all other fields are ignored. This is driving me crazy because it seems that EP is confused even tho each line are in the same exact format but some are imported with errors and others are not. anyone have any other ideas? possibly certain character combinations that cannot be used in EP?
  25. Wouldn't password protecting the /catalog directory achieve what you're trying to do? So you'd have a a regular introductory index page with a link saying "Enter Catalog". Once they click that, a username and password dialog box appears to enter a username and password. Also on the introductory page youd have a link saying "Register to Enter Catalog". Once they click that it brings them to a form where they enter their info. Once that info reaches you via email for review, you enter it into your catalog as a user and also enter it into the password protected directory of /catalog. If all this is a little technically advanced for you, PM me and I can help.