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  1. vegavega

    [contribution] "Live Customer Support"

    i get the box on my site..but nothing in it ??
  2. Here is a sample of my TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS for one sale: I need affiliate_sales to update like this with each product listed as a sale
  3. on this line it only picks up the last db entry of the order_id . What i need to know is how to get this line to get ALL db entries of order_id with this query
  4. I know that in checkout_process.php, TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS is updated with all products on that order. I need affiliate_checkout_process.php to do the same with TABLE_AFFILIATE_SALES
  5. Here is my affiliate_checkout_process.php
  6. I need to credit multiple affiliates on the same sale. Basically, i'm using the affiliate contrib to link products to affiliates. Everything works great if the customer only buys one product. But, when multiple products are purchased at the same time, it only credits one affiliate for their product. How can i modify affiliate_checkout_process.php to update affiliate_sales accordingly?
  7. vegavega

    OSC-Affiliate Admin Access Denied

    I figured it out! In admin.. go to Administrator, File Access..Then click on Affiliate folder..on the right..click Store Files. Store all those files listed That fixed it for me
  8. vegavega


    For my site, i need each product to link to an affiliate, so i've hacked my osc so the product model is now the affiliate_id. Everything works fine..when i upload the product..thru the checkout. It updates orders_products table with the affilaite_id. What i need to do now is assign the sale to the affiliate and send the affiliate an email about the order. Anyone have any ideas how i can accomplish this?
  9. vegavega

    OSC-Affiliate Admin Access Denied

    anyone know how to fix this?
  10. vegavega

    OSC-Affiliate Admin Access Denied

    Did u ever get this fixed? I'm having the same problem
  11. vegavega

    Official Mall Version

    im having the same problem..and i also noticed in the setup file this line.. catalog\includes\classes\order.php a) add the line: 'store_id' => $products[$i]['store_id'], into the products array (Line 203) I dont even have that file (order.php)! lol
  12. vegavega

    Virtual Mall error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_calculate_tax() in /home/jkewlrob/public_html/shop/checkout_process.php on line 226 I get this error during checkout. <Line 225> $store_totals[$store_index]['store_tax'] += <Line 226>tep_calculate_tax($total_products_price, $products_tax) * <Line 227>$order->products[$i]['qty']; any ideas what is wrong here? And also..this error when trying to add a Store Image.. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_uploaded_file() in /home/jkewlrob/public_html/shop/admin/stores.php on line 56 <Line 56> $store_image = tep_get_uploaded_file('store_image'); <Line 57> $image_directory = tep_get_local_path(DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES);