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  1. angcheebeng

    Paypal Module

    Cheers. I had successfully installed the module and it runs - when do a checkout, it goes to a paypal page. However, I wish to select SGD, but there isn't any SGD selection available. Anyone knows how to change it? Thanks. Chee Beng
  2. angcheebeng

    Paypal Module

    Hi, I am very new to oscommerce. I wish to use Website Payment Standard of PayPal for my online store. However, when I install it, I see that it's currency selection does not take SGD (Singapore Dollar). May I know this module you worked on supports the Website Payment Standard? Do you have links to instructions on how I suppose to install this PayPal module so that I can start using my site? Thank you so much for your help. Chee Beng, ANG.