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    Italy, and I love it always it's not a democracy state!
  1. western

    Extra Fields....

    :lol: Thank you!
  2. western

    Extra Fields....

    Really thank you. This is one of the more important the information I was searching for, to write by myself search code I need. As soon as I'll finish it, I will put contrib in this site. :lol:
  3. western

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Hi Kit and all great OsCommerce Community! you have saved my codes ones with OsCOmmerce community (general), a second time with extra fields contrib. Do you like to save me again? I 'm trying to do a search between customers and their extra fields. I thought to use something really similar to advanced search codes, do you have any suggestion for me? i know it's not so difficult, but I have problems in put my simples code in OsCommerce structure... TIA W.
  4. western

    Extra Fields....

    Hi, I'm trying to improve osCommerce advanced search to search customers in my site. Please, can you give me any suggestions? I'm reading a lot of books and forums, but nobody seems to have solutions for me. I can reset and improve html sites . For example i can modifies any kind of html site, by css or adding Javascrits or similar, make any changes for the Dreamweawer template, aligned text, images and so on. Html have almost no secret for me. Php and Mysql it's rather quite a prolblem. I'm still studying them (also I'm studying English, as you can see in this post) I hope you can help. I don't find anywhere in this site how can I set tables join ("c." is for customers, I'm sure) i think that for Extra Filed (I have some of them) I have to use "e." but I need help to do, or at least some suggestions to make it My purpose is have an advanced search between customers, using also customers extra fields that I put in create_customer.php, using the contrib. Thanks for your help
  5. western

    Simple Search Box

    And how can I do a search between Customers (without using admin panel)? Can you help me? I don't know how to do it :blush:
  6. :thumbsup: Hi, grat code, do you think i can do the same with customers? :-" I Mean, find customers searching them and ordering them by work they do, city in wich they live, and so on. Can you give to me any suggestions? To me will be really useful . :lol: I think I've just to put in your code different tables for the queries. Ist't right? Thank you for your help! Western
  7. western

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Hi, Great contrib! Thank You a lot!! :thumbsup: I've a question: I used extrafileds contrib, (a great help for me) and now I need to know: how can I allow my visitors to find customers searching them by extrafields? For Example, I put an extrafiled in account_edit.php so that customers can register putting more informations. Now I need a page in which you can find all customers of the same region, or similar, but not using admin control panel. The contrib I used is here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3737 Do someone can help me? Till now I'm not so good in programming, I just understand "c." is for customers_table... Thank you, this OsCommerse community is really wonderful. :lol:
  8. western

    Customers extra fields

    SORRY! :blush: With my old dreamWeaver 2004 I opened a different file with the same name. Please pardon me, IT'S ALL OK! Thank you for your contrib! You're fantastic!!!! I'll soon made my contrib and put them here. When I'll know more about Php. Now your help was really important to me. Thank you!!! :D :thumbsup:
  9. western

    Customers extra fields

    Today I was adding to Customer Extra Field last contr named Customers Extra Fields EXTENDED I find a problem: In admin/customers.php there isn't following code <tr> <td class="formAreaTitle"><?php echo CATEGORY_OPTIONS; ?></td> </tr> so I don't know if i can add code :huh: <?echo tep_get_extra_fields($cInfo->customers_id,$languages_id)?> The same problem, in the same file admin/customers.php in searching if ($error == false) { I don't find it !!! Doing this contribution by myself is rather impossible for me, I'm still new in programming php. :blush: it will take month or years to me! Can you help me? I will be grateful to you. :D