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  1. Hi Tim, Can EasyPopulate support Separate Prcing now ? Kim
  2. rart at se at man ikke der er den eneste dansker der skal eller skal til at bruge oscommerce ! Jeg kan hoste et forum... hvis der er tilslutning til dette ! Kim
  3. Hi, Presume you are danish ? Have you done any implementation with the danish Dankort ? Kim
  4. Hi. We are doing a shop which sells ink supplies for printers. But I need a feature like this : 1. The customer should be able to select a printer manufacture in a drop downbox. 2. When the customer have selected the manufactur it will show the printer names in another dropdown box, and when the customer selects the printer it will show all compatible inkjet cartridges for the selected printer. Does any of you have an idea on how to do this ? Kim
  5. Exactly what i see Tim. Let me know if I can assist you anyway to solve this problem. When you have found the fix for this one - we have a 100% fine tuned import application !!!!!! You are GOD Tim :) Kim
  6. It says : File uploaded. Temporary filename: C:PHPuploadtempphpDE.tmp User filename: import.txt Size: 726875 You can download your split files in the Tools/Files under /catalog/temp/EP_Split[1-1].txt It generates 1 file and does not spilt it up... :( Kim
  7. I am running W2K / Apache and it does not split the file up.. any ideas ?
  8. Yep you are right. I can do almost 500 at a time, and that's ok. Kim
  9. Kirk, I am not getting any errormessages at all.... can I try to email the file for you ? Kim
  10. Tim !!! It works... almost :) I got a strange error, where it not will import it all but just a part of it. Can I email you my excel file, then you proberly can advise me what i am doing wrong ? Kim
  11. kborup

    Danish Language Pack for version 2.2

    Anyone finished yet with the danish version of the language package ? Kim
  12. Kirk6677. Did you change it the following way in /catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php ? : Code (original): if (tep_has_category_subcategories($counter)) { $categories_string .= '->'; } to something like this: Code: if (tep_has_category_subcategories($counter)) { $categories_string .= ' '; } _________________
  13. Hoza you got something there. But I prefer not to do all this work.. :) I got 3600 partnumbes each week to update :( I prefer a piece of software to do all the work for me, as i am pretty lazy. Tim told he will come up with another version in a weeks time which solves my troubles..... he is the man ! But the way you mention it could be a way to do it.... thanks I did'nt even think on that ! Kim :idea:
  14. I did see "the thing" to be really slow as well when I added 3600 products. Then i deleted the numbers after the category (the - category(xx) ) in the leftside list. and after that my DB ran fast again :) btw check my temp site i am doing together with a friend : www.storageshop.dk/catalog/default.php and let me know your thoughts. Tim : I am really looking forward to see if you can modify the import thing so I can import my spreadsheet with all the subcategories :) Kim
  15. Can any of you guys help me to change this version ? I need to import my product structure as : 1. Manufactur 2. Subcategory 1 3. Subcategory 2 4. Subcategory 3 5. Product I have 3700 products to update each week... So I need a "special version" of the excellent importer. Kim