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  1. I have just installed the HeaderTags_V_ and I am having a problem , would you mind showing me the way to fix, my webpage is losvendo.com thanks in advance Regards Kinjatt PLEASE ANYBODY HERE HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  2. kinjatt

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Thank you Jack I could fix it in less than 5 min , Like you said I didn't define it yet, The thing was I followed the instruction that was posted on a forum, but the version they were referring to was an older one. Amyway thanks a lot
  3. kinjatt

    Dynamic SiteMap

    i TRULY APPRECIATE your quick help!! However I am rookie in all this, could you show me how to fix that step by step PLEASE, As a token of appreciation I could help you translate your contribution in Spanish and and get the new version in a pack by the way where are you from Jack if I can ask. Have a good day. :thumbsup:
  4. kinjatt

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Dear Jack First of all thank you for this I have installed your contribution in my web site , however everytime I try to access to the site map I get this error: 1146 - Table 'kinjatt_kinjatt.TABLE_SITEMAP_EXCLUDE' doesn't exist select exclude_file from TABLE_SITEMAP_EXCLUDE where exclude_type != "0" and is_box="1" [TEP STOP] you can find it here: http://losvendo.com//dynamic_sitemap.php I tried to get some help from my server provider here is the thread Short Description I get an error when trying to access site map Type of Problem: MySQL Problem I have installed a contribution for oscommerce but it keeps showing an error saying 1146 - Table 'kinjatt_kinjatt.TABLE_SITEMAP_EXCLUDE' doesn't exist select exclude_file from TABLE_SITEMAP_EXCLUDE where exclude_type != "0" and is_box="1" [TEP STOP] on this address http://losvendo.com//dynamic_sitemap.php I checked if the table exists in my database and it is there I even tryed to import it again with the name changed to Capital letters , but it still gives me the same error. Could you decipher what that error message means or guide on how to fix this error. I would be more than thankful!! They said : Hello, Note, that the scripts referring to a wrong table name, not just TABLE_SITEMAP_EXCLUDE, but 'kinjatt_kinjatt.TABLE_SITEMAP_EXCLUDE' I can suggest you to contact the script vendor for further assistance. The script is adding the database name and table name in one variable, which is wrong, and tries to access this non existing table. If there is anything else we can help you resolve, be it problem or question, please let us know. PLEASE JACK OR ANYONE HERE HELP ME TO SORT THIS PROBLEM!!!