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  1. ok found it in ms2 u dont have 2 edit applicatop_top.php but filenames.php (but im stoned so could be mistaken) Default.php/index.php yeah wasnt paying attention on that one :) Works now great :)
  2. oh i found out that its not beeing listed in application_top.php but in files.php. So now i added it there and i dont got any error msges anymore.. Buttah it doesnt show up up un the main page either.. Dont i need 2 edit the index.php?
  3. Hello i got a small problem, Im trying 2 get al the categories listed on the main page. I found a nice contrib 4 it called "Browse by Categories". Only prob its 4 2.2-MS1 and im using MS2. Is there anyway i could get it 2 work with MS2? Or is there another way 2 get sumthing simular?. Seems like the application_top.php is changed so do i now need 2 link this: //DWD Contribution: Browse by Categories v1.0. define('FILENAME_BROWSE_CATEGORIES', 'browse_categories.php'); //DWD Contribution End. Somewhere else? Cuz all the "define('FILENAME_REVIEWS', 'reviews.php');" "define('FILENAME_SHIPPING', 'shipping.php');" arent there anymore aswell link 2 contrib:,50 thx in advance 4 replying