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  1. Strider - I figured it all out and got those vouchers deleted via the database. I just couldnt find all that information when I went in the first couple times but I managed to find it this time. Thanks for the help and the awesome contribution! Lord knows I'd never know how to write something like this...
  2. Strider, I uninstalled then reinstalled the order total modules and all is well and working now. I have another question though... How do you go about deleting/removing/editing all those gift vouchers that are listed in the admin panel? I have a bunch of them that I sent out to myself for testing and they arent truly valid so I would like to remove them from my records. Also how would you go about deactivating a gift voucher once it was created? I would think there would be a way to do this in case of fraud or whatever.
  3. I changed my sort order several times and had it set in the very beginning the exact way the install manual says to set it. Nothing worked. It's not a matter of miscalculating...it's a matter of not even having a check box in order to use the coupon/gift voucher at all. I set myself up with an account of my own and I credited myself with $60 and it's been released from queue and showing up in my account as having $60 but there is no way for me to USE it. All it can do is sit there.
  4. no wonder...those two modules arent included in my contribution zip file <_<
  5. it was false but I changed it to true but that still doesnt allow people to use their vouchers.
  6. I'm having a similiar problem with my gift vouchers...they can be redeemed but not actually applied to the total and no one is responding to help me out...I've asked about this several times and still everyone else's questions are being answered but not mine. <_<
  7. Mibble: assuming you were answering my post, I've reuploaded the gv_redeem.php a couple times already and it hasnt helped at all. as for the admin, I'm not sure where you are talking about - there are no GVs in the queue...so as for any other admin options, you'll have to be more specific. otherwise everything works fine...I have $60 in my own GV Account but it won't let me "spend" it because there is no check box to select in the checkout area. the whole system is pointless if people can redeem but not spend their GVs. I'd also like to know how to go about deleting old gift vouchers because I Have like 25 that are there and redeemed because of running tests over and over. They aren't real they're just in there. I want to know how to get rid of them
  8. are y'all not seeing my posts or something? Strider - you answered everyone but me. lol. I am wondering what file needs to be modified/changed because I do not have the check box or any kind of field for customers to enter whether or not they want to use their gift voucher for their order. As of right now they can successfully redeem it but they cannot actually use it. <_<
  9. I still haven't gotten an answer to my question about why my Payment page isn't showing any selection or option to apply a coupon or gift voucher to their purchase. They can redeem a coupon but they cant actually use it. Which file references this? Shouldnt there be a check box or a field to enter how much of the voucher they want to use towards their purchase? In my case there is nothing, only a field to enter a coupon code and button to redeem it.
  10. is there nobody replying to this contribution support forum anymore? <_<
  11. I have a question...how do you delete/modify a gift voucher or render it invalid? I see here how you can with coupons but gift vouchers seem to be there with no abilities to edit or change them Also, how do you change the amount of dicount given to new customers in the confirmation email or simply eliminate this option without deleting it from the confirmation email code?