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  1. I installed spaw2 in OSC v2.2 RC1. It loads rather slowly one or (two buttons at a time) , but once loaded it appears to work (i'm careful not to do too much , lest I get unexpected results) The problem is that the design area displays the contents of english.php verbatim! I was expecting just the "browser view" with no code. that should only show in the HTML screen-right? Any tweek for this?
  2. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this, but shouldn't a wysiwyg editor just show the RESULT in the design box? I installed the spaw2 on the OSC v2.2 RC1. It loads VERY slowly, but once it's there, it seems to function. The design screen shows the contents of english.php verbatim. The tags and php should only be there when looking at the html screen, where I hope that the pHP could be changed as well. I was expecting to see the html displayed as one would see it on the browser, not in a normal editor. Seems to me there is something not right. I'm new to OSC, so it will take a while for me to figure out how all of it works. I was hoping that some one here might have solved this problem already.
  3. Hello all, I just fifnished installing/debuuging orderlist 5.1c on a linux box. Just want to share a few findings and perhaps get an answer or two. !) The zip has a space in the filename. Linux does not support it. I renamed it Orderlist_5_1_c.zip , and sent it over to the linux box 2) the unziped directory says 5.1a 3) the instructions are fairly complete but there are a few details left out that may be "gotchas" for the unwary or the uninitiated. There are buttons and an icon that that need to be added to the respective files. (just follow the directory chain and you will find the additional directories.) Also DON"T overwrite the directory(s) , but just add the *.gif(s) to them. 4) The orderlist.php file crashed at first run due to an undefined function now() on line 21. I commented line 21 out and voila! , the generate list button gave me an EXPLICIT detailed list. Where is this non-working now() function defined? Anyone got a fix?