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  1. Blackrose

    HAs anyone got a DHTML menu working ...

    Well for those of yout that are still trying to find a way to use a template system and dhtml menu use BTS. Sts is eayer to work with but limits you to what they have alreay set forth as tags as wel as everypage looks the same if you have any experience in Php or even html BTS is the way to go
  2. Blackrose

    HAs anyone got a DHTML menu working ...

    are you using STS simple template system?
  3. Blackrose

    DHTML, Good or Bad?

    Im using STS and so far i have been unable to get coolmenu witch is a dhtml menu to work with it but as far as the original question i think if the menu is done write it looks much more pro then just using the standard OSC look
  4. Blackrose

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Ohh that post above me reminds me how do i get coolmenu to work with this stuff
  5. Blackrose

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hello This is my first run at customizing a OSC Site and I just wanted to say great job on this template and the easyto understand instrutions for install This is a true assett to the OsC comunity
  6. Blackrose


    Can anyone help me figure out why the munu wont come up at www.safekicks.com the only thing im using other than this is The STS simple template system...