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  1. Hello akunamachata, do you know how to get the thumbnail and on mouse over effect as http://www.seletgrenadine.com/a-leau-vraiment-bobo-p-55.html ?? thank's :blush:
  2. Hello All, I Update 6 More pics v1.3b (clean & beauty), in order to install Lightbox. I used lightbox proposed in the version of more_pics (matrix_france v Feb 19 2007) 1 ere cases: Show All MorePics on Product Info page: true Result: everything is working well 2nd case: Show All MorePics on Product Info page: false RESULT : The zoom (cad lightbox) launches but the arrows to move from one image to another is displayed? Someone can resolve to bug ? thank’s
  3. Hello all ! I installed more_pics 1.3 and I went to add lightbox effect. Have you idea ? Thanks
  4. centel

    Header Tags SEO

    Hello !! good jobJ Jack ... Thank's I installed Header Tag SEO 3.0.4. After verification of Tag with FireFox Meta Tags SidBar, I note that for the pages in french and english: http://www.mywebsite.com/?language=fr and http://www.mywebsite.com/?language=en I've always Content-language [H]: U.S. What I be done to correct this bug? I think we should change the line 145 of includes/header_tags.php if ($ defaultTags [ 'meta_language']) echo '<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-US" />'. "\ n"; Thank you
  5. centel

    Light box Hack for More Pics

    hello ! you used what version of more_pics ? I installed More pics 6 v1.3b (31 march 2007): http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1611 and I would like to use Light box thank's
  6. Hello, Have you have the instructions to migrate STS 4.5.4 or 4.5.5 / 2.2MS2 / (rigadin2) to STS 4.5.8 (bkellum) ? :blush: Thank's