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  1. STS ever make my mind disturbed for I don't familiar with PHP and embedded html before. I tried to edit footer.php etc. and found it is not so hard as it is. The second, catalog/index.php maybe won't be my default homepage later. So I decide to make the minor changes directly. I want to add in the mainpage, which would be and redirect to it, or, create a new index.php in root. So issues come when I do SEO, who is the site to push out, or
  2. Admire u:) for the lightbox issue, I changed the path and it works! Great! I will arrange u a homestay if u come to Beijing in 2008 for the XXIX Olympiad^_^ And I changed the entire catalog from cart to root. It worked at last even I encounter database in a mess for I refer to Zencart's moving way, try to reinstall the cart. The experiment is to move the folder and modify the two configure.php. Simple but I walked a zigzag way:) The next step, I want to integrate STS. It's seemed that I should use the contribution for Ultrapics and lightbox. But one question, should I create a index file in root? Since STS modify the index.php in its template folder only and can't point to it unless make a redirection. I have visited ur site. You organized them well. PS: You are a mother of two babies, right? A off the track topic:) :thumbsup: Hold a site and a expert of OSC and bring-up two babies...
  3. Thanks for u dig:) I have four pics added and lightbox[product] all there, css and js files untouched. Maybe the fourth? I'll check later. Now I focus on SEO and paypal. My site, I hate the domain I choose. Refer to ur previous post, it is not a good one. I submit to google and yahoo anyway. One more problem want to ask u:) 1. I put the site in the ../cart/catalog for I want to make the store of part of the site. But now I know STS template can do this, I can add any page and information to index.php. Is it necessary to move the cart to root? Now I direction to .../catalog. 2. Maybe it's a SEO related question I should post in other thread. For the search engine need months to list my site and more time to got high rank. A pay-per-click needed? Coz XXIX Olympiad will hold half one year, it's urgent to push the site out. I'll appreciate any advise of u :)
  4. I also encounter Issue 1...-_- If solved pls tell me the method:)
  5. One issue I forgot just now:) When the light box is on, the next/prev pictures can't show but Close.gif is ok. I'm sure I upload them to the same folder... Sleepy...*&^%$#@!(*
  6. CheerS! It works now:) :thumbsup: Thanks for ur great job^_^ I have a fresh install of oscommerce. The issue I described last time is caused by my wrong version. As the same time I understood Xetu's problem he/she post after you as I want to modify to. We want to show the "product page" in the first line. Then list all other "sm" or "lx" in the second line in a row. I try to draw a illustrator blow: The original list: the list in your own shop we want to modified to -------- -------- -------- | ■ | | ■ | | ■ | | ■ | | ■ | | ■■■■ | | ■ | | ■ | | ■ | | ■ | | ■ | | ■ | I'll try to find the method to change the style but have a relax to enjoy tomorrows NBA game Houston Rocket vs. Buck. The key point : player Yao vs. Yi:)