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    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Okay, that's part of your Admin then. So the rest of the Site should be okay still. Can you post the code to your additional_images_configure.php file? I'm sure someone will be able to point out where the error is. I'm not much of a programmer, but I'll take a look. Others will probably find it before I do though.
  2. ReavtiveMicro.com

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Oh dear. Well that's not good. Even the Main Page is blank? Or do you mean only the Admin? Hope you have backups.
  3. ReavtiveMicro.com

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Maybe I can help. I think I see where you are going with your question, but I will need some more information or a picture of what you mean by 'I got a blank side'. Do you mean the menu on the right is blank where the Add Image button is?
  4. ReavtiveMicro.com

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Hello. In short, the way some people layout the install files is in a 'directory structure' in an archive. Basically where you find the files in an archive represents where you are supposed to place them/find them on your install of osC. I also like when someone adds a 'changes' file that you can just open and follow along with a good text editor or editing program. It does make life much simpler if you ask me. The '2_files_to_compare' directory represents files that should exist on your Server/install already and should not just be copied over unless you have an unmodified install. The rest of the files can just be copied over without any issue though as they are new and shouldn't already be on your Server/Host. I use Win Diff myself. It's an 'okay' program if you ask me. It will take a little getting used to as does most any program, but at least you're able to see what the differences are between two files. I wish Dreamweaver had this option built in. They should by now! Anyway, since my Site is heavily modified what I do is compare the two files in question and then copy and paste the new/changed code from the example file to my Test Site file. Then I experiment with my Test Site to see how the code works and how I may want to customize it. I'm by no means a programmer, so the little changes I do are more layout and looks more then function. Dreamweaver I found has a really nice and easy to use layout feature that does a lot of the coding for you. In fact my Main Page is just formatted text that is laid out in Dreamweaver. Hope that helps.
  5. Thought someone would find this useful. I need some working Back Buttons for my new Subcategories, but could find any code out there that worked. Here's some code that works pretty well. Back Back Button v1.0 Enjoy! Henry www.ReactiveMicro.com
  6. ReavtiveMicro.com

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    I believe this a repost of a question asked back in July by user 'grunionfab'. Another user by the name of 'surfalot' was helping him, but I didn't find a solution if one was ever posted. If there was one posted at some point I would really appreciate a link. Issue: Image with same name not uploading/displaying in same category. See http://www.reactivemicro.com/index.php?cPath=1_35 for example. Note most images are visually the same, but all are named differently. If I try to upload a duplicate image with the same name I don't receive the green bars on the top of the Admin screen as I normally would if an image had been uploaded, and the displayed image on the preview screen has a broken red X in it. If I continue and click the 'Insert' button I receive an 'IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST' and '/tmp/phptRbYPs' message just below the 'Edit', 'Delete', 'Move', 'Copy To' buttons of the main Admin screen. I also have a similar issue if I have multiple items and add Additional Images with the same names. My image Upload Location is /home/reactive/public_html/image/products/ii--ii/apple-ii. Write permissions are not an issue. Now surfalot mentioned in one post to try this code: /catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php if (file_exists($dir_fs_catalog_images_wrk.$thumb)) { @unlink($dir_fs_catalog_images_wrk.$thumb); } That did allow the image to be displayed in the Admin, but in the Store the image had a broken red X in it, but would display if clicked on. So I believe they were on the right track with that piece of code and module. Any help would be appreciated. I'm also willing to help compensate you for your time. Henry ReactiveMicro.com
  7. ReavtiveMicro.com

    Additional Images Installation

    Yeah, check here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...t35801-350.html I found out that I was missing a file. Seems in the install directions someone forgot to note to copy a file. Here's the one I was missing: /catalog/admin/includes/additional_images_configure.php Hope that helps someone in the future. Henry hscourbis(a.t)reactivemicro.com