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  1. empathy

    shipping amount

    I have set up my shipping preferences in paypal to calculate based on amount, such as charge $3 for total $.01-15.00, etc. No shipping amount is showing up on OSC or on paypal. Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. empathy

    paypal payment module

    Thanks for the info Dave. But once I'm on that page and I decide that I want that one, THEN WHAT!! Do I click the Add File To This Package button? What package am I adding it to? What do I do from there? Someone please help! I am missing something very obvious I'm sure.
  3. empathy

    paypal payment module

    Newbie here. Please be patient. I have installed oscommerce, but I need a payment module. I want to use paypal. Where do I find this module and how do I get it uploaded - like where do I put it??? I realize this is probably something very obvious, but I have been around and around this site and can't seem to find the module or instructions. Thanks so much. :huh:
  4. empathy

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Newby here. Can someone please tell me how to download this module? Where do I get it, where do I put it...