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  1. deaconest

    Linkpoint API Problems

    Ok figured this one out myself. Was simply missing the javascript function needed to open windows. Now if someone could tell me how to convert it so that it pops up in the lightbox form I would be most gratefull.
  2. Hi,

    Need a little help with your super admin products updater.

    Looks great. When I click in the field to change the model, or product name field it sends me into the edit page. Can you help me figure out what Im doing wrong here.

  3. deaconest

    Linkpoint API Problems

    Quick question if anybody still looks here. I have this app installed all works great. Need a little help with the popup image tho. When you click on it it says there is an error and nothing happens. you can see it here and http://theniknakshop.com/shop Be advised this shop is live so if you place an order it will be processed. Thanks for any help
  4. Thats what I thought Thanks
  5. Hello, Quick question, When I installed this contribution, I get only blank pages. Doesnt seem to matter what I set the handler thing to. EDIT: Ok just tell me this if my host is still using php 4.4.9 will this program work?
  6. deaconest

    Get 1 Free

    Just wanted to thank you for this contribution. And to see when it might get updated to 5.0 compatable for mysql querries.. This will be a great contribution to add to my site. When I can get it working. Thanks again..