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  1. samjc

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Never mind. I tried removing the files and reinstall again then it worked. Thank you for the add-on. it works well.
  2. samjc

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    I have the same problem. it was a new installation. any suggestion of any place i need to check?
  3. samjc

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    Thanks for trying. i tested and it didn't work. When i put 5 in the Fedex surcharge field, it still shows up as $5 added instead of times the 1+ 5% .
  4. samjc

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    This contribution works great on my site thanks!! I now have a few questions and have searched teh thread but didn't find solutions for them: 1. i need to add surcharge based on % of the rate quote not by a fix amount. ie. 5% instead of $1.00 I found adding a tax rate and applied to the shipping quote just worked fine. but now the question is, it shows up in the total like this: subtotal: $20 fedex Ground $7.00 CA Tax: $1.6 Surcharge: $0.45 Total: $29.05 is there any way i can remove the 'Surcharge' amount and add it to the Fedex Ground quote instead of showing the surcharge amount? 2. or this should be in the same question: is there any proper way of adding a % surcharge instead of fix amount to the quote?(without showing it of course)
  5. Thanks! This works great! However, i have a question: I've also added another contribution: "actual price in pull down_1_2_3a" it's simple yet let you show the price alone with the attributes. it workded on the product_info page, i guess it has nothing to do with the product list. I was wondering if anybody use it as well, or suggest anyother way to show the total price(not "+$20") in the attribute list on product list page? Truly appreciated!
  6. i am facing the same problem. anyone help? Thanks!
  7. samjc

    Address Book Entries are shown without signing in

    i have encountered the same problem. any one help?