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  1. Has anyone gotten the cron element of this contribution working?
  2. In the configuration file, make sure the Site ID and Site Code are set correctly. $ebay_siteId = "0"; $ebay_siteCode = "US"; $ebay_siteName = "US"; See: http://developer.ebay.com/DevZone/XML/docs/Reference/ebay/types/SiteCodeType.html - it has a bit more upto date information than before.
  3. BTW - wanted to say I'm pretty impressed with this contribution so far. I've installed this on 3 stores. 2 of them are already receiving reviews as a result (one of them 59 in 3 days) and the other is too new to have a sufficient order base to drive results. Well done :) David
  4. I did not say it was a web host problem. Presuming your configuration file is correct and stable, and Mailbeez using it appropriately (assumptions I took as given above as your post gave the impression the site had been up awhile and I don't see a slew of ZC specific blank page complaints), this would be a web server problem primarily, because .htaccess is not part of PHP - but a web server component. In this case, mod_rewrite is probably being used. The module should be using a correct URL, though it may be rendered incorrect by processing in the web server. May also be an application problem - which could be confirmed by temporarily disabling the rewrite system. If it works using standard URLs, the rewrite is the most likely culprit. This could go wrong in at least 2 ways. First, creation of bad path, 2nd stripping any GET variables. I would expect your web host to be able to be a helpful resource in quickly resolving that issue. David
  5. This is really not a PHP problem. Its a web server problem. Your host might be able to help, though likely for some additional fee - its not generally a covered service... David
  6. Nimitz_1061

    SVN Repository ?

    Apparently, none of those are correct anymore. Its now stored in GIT on Github. Guess its the chase the revision control system game.
  7. Nimitz_1061

    Internal Code Documentation

    Well, nice to see we have some sort of lift off, after a few false starts. Repository now seems to be working well and next step will be setting up hook scripts to generate output... David
  8. Yes, you should report it. Don't expect rapid response...
  9. Nimitz_1061

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Never mind - fixed and nothing to do with STS itself. Sometimes, you just GOTTA make a fool of yourself to get the right answer to pop into your head. Thanks. David
  10. Nimitz_1061

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I'm working a newly migrated STS based store. We're had any number of problems, and seem to have many of them whipped - but when I try to order the checkout confirmation page comes up blank. View source reveals a few header lines, but no html opening tag. <title>****.com -Your military surplus gear, camping and hiking supplier for outdoor and more</title> <meta name="Description" content="Online sales for military surplus/commercial gear. Your place for military apparel, insignias, survival gear, hunting, tents, knives, footwear, parachutes, unusual collectibles and more at almost wholesale prices."/> <meta name="Keywords" content="Military surplus gear,hunting and camping gear,knives,sporting goods,kids military clothing,costumes,survival, collectibles,military insignias,vintage,dog tags,carhartts,leather flight jackets,army,navy,marines,coast guard,air force,search and rescue,military tactical gear,"/> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"/> <!-- EOF: Generated Meta Tags --> I have NEVER worked with STS before, but have checked the files in the catalog root for (and fixed) short tags and whitespace issues. I don't see anything blatent and have checked the header tags and meta tags files, which seem to work just fine on other pages. I'm now searching this topic for similar events/solutions. But would appreciate any pointers - can someone throw me a clue? David
  11. Nimitz_1061

    Internal Code Documentation

    I will get this setup. Agree, we should have a place to post the output, and I have a spot in mind. May take awhile, but we'll get it done :) David
  12. Nimitz_1061

    Internal Code Documentation

    I would hope that Harald would provide repository space for this. If he doesn't, I have space available and can provide a subversion repository. In fact, we might get started that way in order to get started right away. David
  13. Nimitz_1061

    Internal Code Documentation

    Doxygen also outputs LaTeX, HTML, RTF and Windows Help files. It does call diagrams as well. I would agree, PHPDocumentor seems more popular, but the important thing is to select a standard and use it. I think the SQL should also be documented, along with any trouble shooting queries which would be useful. A more extensive set of coding standards should be documented, and monitored with PHP Code Sniff. The module system should be clearly documented, along with guidelines for creating new module sets - and a plug in system would greatly aid maintenance of sanity in the key processes. The process of installing and using a simple configuration key and managing configuration groups should also be documented - this is where 90% of contributions fall apart because they don't allow for selection of different strokes for different folks. I agree - documentation needs to be grouped in the most useful fashion - which is functional. The structural lines can be dealt with in an introductory chapter as I did in my book. I use Schema Spy and a conversion of the database to InnoDB form to generate database documentation and generate relationship diagrams. But, yes, they absolutely should NOT be ignored. One thing I like about Doxygen is that it does have the capability to use external documentation pages. This not only would allow external images and pages to be drawn in, it allows forming the most space consuming portions of the documentation OUTSIDE the distribution, preserving runtime performance. I think that good solid structural and coding standard documentation should be the minimum technical documentation available before every release. That documentation should include at least the account management, checkout management and product management systems. Without these three systems, you have no working cart. Sessions management should be included as being both foundational to all of these systems and a key security focus, of course.
  14. Nimitz_1061

    Developers documentation for 3x versions

    This is, to my mind, one of the biggest lacks of the osCommerce project. No concerted effort to bring development together with basic documentation of code structure and expected practices. I haven't seen much in the way of usable code documentation since the wiki went away back in 2003. David
  15. Nimitz_1061

    Internal Code Documentation

    Yes. I am not sure what it is, I myself use Doxygen. Perhaps we should get together and share the effort... David
  16. Nimitz_1061

    Header Tags SEO

    No, seems to be something else. I don't see any filename.php in that data set....
  17. Nimitz_1061

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, These files definitely do not contain the same definitions. Several new FILENAME_* and language definitions are blown away by that file set. I have not had a chance to look at the code itself yet, but I would not recommend copying that set on anything at this point. I'll see if I can get time to do a compare this evening.. David
  18. Nimitz_1061

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, Perhaps I missed this in your install documents, but I did a "new store" install by copying the included file set over a brand new rc2a install. After I did there were some language entries missing - the Administrator Configuration one was the first I saw. Can you clarify which release the new store only catalog is for? Regards David
  19. Nimitz_1061

    Header Tags SEO

    I was having an issue where the new Manufacturer's fields were saved, but not read back when entering the manufacturer's page. If anyone else encounters this, it was a result of switching two sets of string assignments at about lines 215 and 244. The first one should just draw input fields, while the 2nd one draws input fields populated from $mInfo.
  20. Nimitz_1061

    Include Path In 3.0 alpha

    Nick, While your suggestion is well taken, perhaps it would also be appropriate to suggest that someone bring this to Harald's attention as something which needs to be added to the Coding Standards. This ability to relocate and thus obscure the site structure can be very handy in efforts to gain security by obscurity, which is a handy backup to sound programming practices... David
  21. Nimitz_1061

    external database authentication

    Given that this is the Core Development forum, I think the question needs to be asked. Why should this be custom development?? Integration with other scripts is not all that uncommon a need when building eCommerce sites. Why should there not be at least a framework allowing integration across scripts and facilitating integration across servers?? David
  22. Nimitz_1061

    WYSIWYG News: HtmlArea Discontinued!

    Frankly, I get too many complaints from people that the HTMLArea Image Manager won't send an image name to the database to bother with it in its current instantiation. Its a bit too complicated in use, and definitely needs more work before it is ready for production use. David
  23. Nimitz_1061

    Register Globals Support

    Well, as a general clue, I often see such behavior in an EP install when the temp directory is not writable. This would make me suspect that it is a sessions related problem. IE - the EP code may think it is a session user who does not have permission to write to the temp directory. Or, the permissions on that directory may have been changed, or the EP file itself may not be owned by the webserver.... (figured you'd probably looked at the last two items but, you never know..) David
  24. Nimitz_1061

    Register Globals Support

    Richard, Winzip will on at least some occaisions mangle tar.gz files. If you recall my mangled posting of your Easypopulate Data File Tools , that was a result of a Winzip mangling. Not a consistent problem, but definitely there. David
  25. Nimitz_1061

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Thank you! David