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    sunrise99 reacted to Dr. Rolex in jQuery/Ajax Fast checkout/Login/Create account/Shopping Cart/Bootstrap MATC 2.3.3   
    Hello and Welcome, all osCommerce idiots!
    No one will tell you to "Read the manual" here, everybody is equal dumb so dumb questions are somewhat advocated. :thumbsup:
    This is the support thread for jQuery/Ajax Fast checkout 2.3.3 With Login/Create account/Shopping Cart/Bootstrap MATC and more! Everything squeezed together on One Single Page.
    This contribution / Add-On (which one is it; Contrib or Add-On, I'm confused?) was originally created by advancewebsoft.com/solutions/oscommerce/oscommerce-contributions.html, but has now, under the knife with surgical precision, transformed to work with osCommerce 2.3.3.
    Advance Software deserve all the credit they can get and make sure to check their website as they offer more free contributions for osCommerce as well as creating custom made, for a cost of course. In my very amateurish opinion, I believe that their cotribs & code are very elaborate and nicely designed.
    I'm not affiliated with them in any way but I have contacted them about publishing my modified version of their Add-On and they responded:
    My hope is that, finally, we can get a One page/Single page checkout that works for everybody and the way this Add-On work should be the best way to do it since it uses the modules you already have as well as using the language files for each section (E.g. information found in the create account section uses the defined constants from ./includes/languages/english/create_account.php.
    This also makes this Add-On automatically Multilingual! :beers:
    Now, enough with the drabble!
    Here is the features for this Add-On, starting with the original specs:
    Full support for ALL OsCommerce shipping modules
    Standard OsCommerce features like FREE SHIPPING, STOCK CHECK, ALLOW STOCK CHECKOUT are supported
    Virtual downloadable products are supported
    Basic Payment modules like Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer and PayPal are supported
    Authorize.Net payment module is supported
    AJAX checkout interface - no more whole page reloading
    New customers instant registration is available and existing customers will be able to login and checkout
    Instant shipping and payment modules selection using AJAX
    Instant delivery and billing address selection and adding a new address is available using AJAX
    All javascript form validation scripts (creating account, shipping & billing addresses, modules etc) are available
    Dynamic shopping cart restoration for registered users using AJAX
    All order total modules from OsCommerce are supported

    Features added by Dr. Rolex:
    Support for and tested on osCommerce 2.3.3
    Tested successfully on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 9
    Since the original Add-On was made for the old oSc 2.2 I have made several modification to the code so it will work with newer versions of PHP and of course changed the entire layout to fit in the oSc 2.3.3 grid.
    Compatible with jQuery 2.0.2
    Added so shopping cart is included on checkout - now the customer can add/remove products on checkout and interactively see what the shipping cost will be.
    Customer must accept Conditions and terms of use when both creating an account and before confirming order. Your Conditions and Terms of use will be dropped down with a very nice Bootstrap modal!
    Added a comment box similar to the regular one on normal checkout.
    Added a nice modal that grays out screen on confirming order to prevent double orders from any trigger happy customers with ADHD.
    Automatic capitalization of first letter when updating Customers Details.
    Shopping Cart Infobox will update when changing product quantities.
    Header cart counter refresh

    I might add a "Guest checkout" Feature in the Future, assuming that someone want it.
    I'll upload the package and include the link later today.
    Please report all, eventual bugs you may find or improvements that you would like.
    I will add support for the jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart 2.3.3 Add-On later when I'm done testing.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Rolex
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    sunrise99 got a reaction from MorrisBear in [Contribution] Option Types v2   
    This optionTypes231 module DON'T work at all. Don't waste your time to try install it.
    Miss many file & basic OP V2 code.