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  1. I'm getting the same error but do not have the Admin Chance customer passwords contribution installed . I am running rc2 and have LoginBox Best Copmatible with osC V2.2 MS2 Installed Error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_validate_password() (previously declared in /var/www/includes/functions/password_funcs.php:16) in /var/www/includes/functions/password_funcs.php on line 29 any ideas? Thank You
  2. chipshot

    Event Calender

    does anyone know how to get the month paging to work in the calendar box? it jumps backwards a month instead of ahead? Thank You
  3. chipshot

    [Contribution] FAQ system v3.1]

    Thank You that works!
  4. chipshot

    [Contribution] FAQ system v3.1]

  5. I made no edits, is this what the link should look like? <?php echo $faq[answer];?><br /><br /><a target="_self" href="./faq.php#top">[<strong><em><?php echo FAQ_BACK_TO_TOP; ?></em></strong>]</a><p> Thank You..
  6. chipshot

    Categories menu dissapear

    there could be some code like : <?php if (blah, blah, blah=="true") { ?> Hide this <?php } ?> or something to that effect or something completely different I can't tell from here.
  7. chipshot

    add to cart

    first of all your in the wrong forum, this is for contribution support. post this in general support. also you need to be a little more specific about your problem (any error messages?, do you have stock in that product? how about a link so someone could look at it!
  8. chipshot

    [Contribution] attrib_sort_v1.2a

    Are you saying that I need to run a .sql? No that's not the issue The .sql that was run is ALTER TABLE products_attributes ADD COLUMN attribute_sort INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; by the way I self host, I have no problem getting into whatever I need. I think the issue is the amount of attributes and values don't match. Well anyway I uninstalled it for now because I needed to fill up the rest of my shop and that issue was giving me an error page locking me out. maybe I'll tackle this at another time. If I have to I'll sort it manually from phpmyadmin. But Thank You,
  9. chipshot

    [Contribution] cDynamic Meta Tags v1.6

    my bad I needed to enable cache from the admin...
  10. <?php // cDynamic Meta Tags /*<title><?php echo TITLE; ?>*/ require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'meta_tags.php'); ?> is only working on a few pages {odd} I get this warning on the others: Warning: fopen(/var/www/tmp_product_info.php_products_id=27.meta-cache) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/includes/meta_tags.php on line 392 Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /var/www/includes/meta_tags.php on line 393 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /var/www/includes/meta_tags.php on line 394 I have my store in the root of my site, I have a dir cache with a .htaccess file in there (is that suppose to be there?) Do I need a tmp dir at the root also? I'm a little confused here why is it looking in <u>tmp?</u> Is there an advantage to installing Chemo's Advanced Cache Class? Thank You.
  11. I already have online gift cards installed but it doesn't exactly work like I would have hoped. Does anyone have this 21 May 2007 version up and working so I could take a look at how it works? Thank You
  12. chipshot

    Dynamic sitemap

    it seems you may have missed something in your installation Or what sometimes happens; did you upload all the needed files?
  13. Nevermind I'm goimg a different route