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  1. businessowner123

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    This is a great contribution, many thanks to everyone who has created this! I was hoping if you could help me, for some reason when I update the customer name or address it does not update on the invoice. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. businessowner123

    Update OrderCheck v1.6b

    I love this contribution. However, I do not want my customers to create an account in order to buy something. I wanted to know where I should go that makes the customer have to login first? The checkout process completely bypassed account setup before this contrib was added. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. businessowner123

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    Thank you Tracy! =) I'll try to implement this and see how it works! Have a wonderful day! =)
  4. businessowner123

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    This is a wonderful contribution. You did an awesome job!!! =) I was wondering if there is a chance that somehow there will one day be an addition to this contribution, such as an automatic discount after a certain minimum price is achieved at checkout? And not having it entered manually by a customer. I'm currently looking for this right now, such as 15% off any order $35.00 and over. However, I'm not having any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Have a wonderful day!
  5. businessowner123

    Shipping Structure ~ Please Help

    Brian ~ Thank you for your response. You have a very good point. I'll definitely try to even out the shipping cost for all items so it's not evident at checkout that I don't hold stock. I actually already have per item shipping setup in my store. However, I was wondering if there is a way with this method to setup an automatic discount, such as 15% off the total shipping amount after shipping reaches $25.00? Or something similar. Thanks again for your input. It's greatly appreciated! =)
  6. businessowner123

    Shipping Structure ~ Please Help

    Hello. I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction as to how to do the following: I have 3 dropshippers, which means 3 different shipping structures / sections. I want to somehow divide the products according to dropshipper (& not be shown to custumer). Then somehow after being divided, have the highest shipping amount, plus a percentage of the total price for each additional product. Then make a sum for each shipping section, then add each section into one total shipping amount for the customer. Also, if possible, somehow automatically calculate the number of boxes the customer will receive. For example: The customer chose at least one product from each dropshipper, which calculates to at least 3 boxes. Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank You! =)