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  1. paterson

    OSC aff

    I am really, really new with PHP. In fact, i know nothing. I use Fantastico to install Oscommerce and poof, it is done. Now I want to get an affilaite thing set up so people can insert their items on my website and I get commissions when they sell from my site.. Is there such a thing? If I am referred to OSC aff in the contributions area, can someone please tell me how to do this. What does it mean? thanks and sorry for being a big dummy mic
  2. paterson


    ahhhh, I didn't install oscommerce and thus not kidding. I know it means you have to install a new table in the database. The question is how? Mic
  3. paterson


    Well i am taking a lok at this contribution for the first time and can't get by the Install.txt file. Boy am I green. cgi seems much easier than PHP. Anyway, can someone tell me how this works or means (plain english) Alos, is this a banner mod or can I sell other people's products in my store (which is what i am after) Sorry for being stupid. First time PHP user here. mic
  4. paterson

    Easy Populate 2.62-MS2, not SO easy

    Now you can help me plese. How do you make categories? mic
  5. paterson

    Easy Populate 2.62-MS2, not SO easy

    no problem i am trying to figure out how to get the names and categories to work now. I am still lost. Blind leading the blind huh? mic
  6. paterson

    Easy Populate 2.62-MS2, not SO easy

    BTW, I ahve been asking for help on this for about 2-3 days and I can't seem to get it. So maybe we could help each other. Let me know how it goes
  7. I am trying to use EP to upload my database with only four fields. CAn't get it going Any help?
  8. paterson

    Easy populate

    Anyone out there know how I can make this database cooperate with OSCommerce using easypopulate Description*Strength*Quantity*Price 2*Accupril*5MG*90*80.44 3*Accupril*10MG*90*80.44 4*Accupril*20MG*90*80.44 5*Accupril*40MG*90*80.44 7*Accuretic *20/12.5*28*27.09 6*Accuretic*10/12.5*28*27.09 this line of data Description*Strength*Quantity*Price currently does not exist in the catolog/temp folder. I thnik i have to do something at the top of the file, but not sure Detailed help would be nice mic
  9. paterson

    Easy Populate 2.62-MS2, not SO easy

    I thin I can help you with this one buddy because I had the same problem yesterday. Fris of all find out if your store installed in the catalog directory. Then open easypopulate.php Where it says $tempdir = "catalog/temp/"; $tempdir2 = "catalog/temp/"; change to $tempdir = "temp/"; $tempdir2 = "/temp/"; and where it says $froogle_product_info_path http://my.domain.com/catalog/product_info.php change to http://www.putyourdomainhere.com/catalog/product_info.php and fix $froogle_image_path fix that oo. After that you should be stuck just like me.