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  1. WhiteKnight

    First Data changes cause API to crash

    Well after some testing on our end and at our host and finding nothing, things started working again. We are using the exact same files as before this all started so it must have been fixed by First Data on their end. Of course they say they changed nothing. I am not sure that all's well that ends well (if you can count being unable to process cards online for 3 days ending well).
  2. WhiteKnight

    First Data changes cause API to crash

    Hi, As some others have posted in the Payments->Others forum there was a problem with First Data (formerly Linkpoint) on Friday 3/4/11 with the API interface. I have spoken with First Data, they have not been very forthcoming about what went wrong (no surprise) but insist it it fixed. Except I can still not process credit cards. One of the suggestions that worked for a couple of users was to uncomment 2 lines in the curl section of lphp.php. I tried this and it made a difference whether the system crashed with a Fatal Error displayed in linkpoint_api.php or went past that error and failed in processing. The error I get is on the PREAUTH attempt. The cc debug outbound message comes to me OK and looks just like always. The cc debug inbound message has the r_error SGS-020003: Invalid XML which the book says means it got passed some characters like < > ' " & and of course appear all over our code. So what happened? I made no code changes, my host says they made no changes in the system, FD says they have everything working. I can't process cards without an error. FD wants me send them a file with the XML string in it and I can see that would be useful for debugging myself. But I am not sure how to write that out to a file or email it to myself. Any suggestions would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. WhiteKnight

    LinkPoint SSL change caused downtime

    The "CC DEBUG OUTBOUND" message that comes back from PREAUTH looks fine. Identical to those from a few days ago when sales worked and identical to the ones that come back from SALE except for the dollar amount and whether they say sale or preauth for ordertype which is exactly what you would expect. So I am lost as to where any extra characters are getting into the XML string. They do not show up in Linkpoint as preauthorizations since it is rejecting the XML string.
  4. WhiteKnight

    LinkPoint SSL change caused downtime

    I uncommented the 2 lines and that got me past the first error but now good cards come back with "Preauthorization Failed" messages (for bad AVS address) to customer (including me) and a return email (CC DEBUG INBOUND) from LinkPoint with an r_error of 'SGS-020003: Invalid XML". Did something else change that I did not update but now needs to be? Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. WhiteKnight

    CVV Help Popup displays Cookie Usage page?

    Using the latest code on the Linkpoint API - V 1.3.4 from Oct 21, 2008 and osC RC2a When a user clicks on the Where? link for the CVV Help Popup the default osC cookie usge page is displayed. Cookies and sessions are being set from other pages and this only occurs when the popup is called from the Linkpoint_API. (For example product reviews and advanced search work OK and use the javascript popup function). Tried on XP + Vista with FF 2.x and 3.x and IE7 and with cookies being accepted by browser. So I am not sure if this is really a cookie issue or something else that causes it to get that code. The Catalog is in the root and Cookies are set in the catalog/includes/configure.php file like so (and seem to work elsewhere on the site): define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'http://www.mydomain.com'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'https://www.mydomain.com'); // set for SSL use define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '/'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', '/'); Anyone else had this happen or have any suggestions? Thanks Walter
  6. WhiteKnight

    Linkpoint API Problems

    I would check that you have set Debugging to false in the admin panel. That sometimes causes odd error messages and other failures. As noted somewhere in the headers of the files the debug code is not working and it does not seem to be high on a list to change that. Does this crash all of osC and dump you out of the program or does it just appear inside a page? Which version of osC and linkpoint are you using? You might also want to take a look at the troubleshooting steps outlined in this support thread post #49. Walter
  7. WhiteKnight

    Requested URL ....html was not found

    OK so just posting a reply and solution to my own post for anyone else who finds this useful I had AllowOverride in the wrong place in my httpd-vhosts.conf file. I had commented it out in another site in the vhosts for testing and then went back and removed it. (That site did not need it.) Or at least that is what I thought I was doing. But in the process I deleted it from this osCommerce site instead. That keeps RewriteEngine On (in the htaccess file) from really being on locally. So this would have worked on the live server (where it was running) but not on the local Apache server where it is being tested and developed. Lesson learned (again) - At 3AM all these things start to look the same so that is probably not a good time to be messing around with the conf file. Thanks to all who have helped so much already. WK
  8. Using SEO-G I get this 404 error when i click on any of the links in the site. "The requested URL /my-products-name.html was not found on this server." It also gives the same thing when going to any category or information pages, etc. The issue is the pages are all named foobar.php but it gets changed to foorbar.html for the SEO. I have mod_rewrite on and the .htaccess set as in the code and it changes the .php to .html but then it does not find it on the server (just a local server for testing). Is there something obvious I am missing. If I turn off SEO-G (set master switch false) in admin it all works as before just no seo. Thanks for any pointers in the right direction.
  9. WhiteKnight

    ULTIMATE SEO URLs avoid google penalties

    When I added this code in everything stopped. I had SEO 2.2e with category_names added and it seemed to be working. But I wanted to get rid of the ability to have rubbish urls which this looked ideal for. (I did not even know that was happening before this thread.) The ability to remove the Id stuff from the end and redirect for 301 and 404 issues also looks great. But... Working from the top of the thread down I commented out the validation lines in seo.classes.php, added the code into application_top and then split that to put the big block of code in includes\functions\general. I have gone over the code a couple of times now and think I have it all right. (Obviously not or I would not be having an issue!) When I click on anything from the home page it just goes off and never finds it. I get a "cannot find server" error in IE and a "being redirected in a way that will never complete" error in FF. It has also wiped out my admin side of the SEO. (This has happened a few times before. You change anything that Chemo's code does not like and it deletes the data from the config tables, but does not replace it. Just an annoyance but it does serve to indicate something did not get passed right). I am sure this must be a simple thing I have pasted in the wrong spot or a bracket or something I missed. If you can point me in the right direction i will try some more. Thanks
  10. Thanks to all for the detailed posts on this contrib. (And thanks to Chemo for doing the basic development on it. Shame he can not be around to keep working on it here.) This is the only contrib I have installed that did not work right out of the box. Probably due to all the other contribs installed first and other changes made. However the posts here have helped me get it working partially. I am still working on httpd.conf (which I do not have control over on the live site) and htaccess issues. On my test site I can control everything and make things work the way I want (mostly <g>). The updates in the database did not self install. (Nice idea though.) I saw this was an issue for some others as well. So I made a script that installed them for me. That was good and let me continue testing conf settings. Until I had to reboot the PC with the osCommerce system and the Apache server and MySQL Server for some Windows XP patches to install. When I went back to do more work things did not work again and I found the database updates (in configuration and configuration_group) were not there! But the Next Autoindex value in the tables was incremented by the number of records I had inserted before. So MySQL knew it had been worked on it just did not save the work? So I did it again and all was well until I shutdown the PC and started it again. Once again the new changes in the tables were gone but the next Autoindex value was incremented again where it would be with the records added the second time. Am I missing something obvious here? I have not had any issues like this before and have added other tables, changed data, inserted records, etc in this and other MySQL databases without "losing" any of it. Is there something here that if not configured a certain way deletes the records in these tables? TIA for any suggestions.