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  1. Okay, i think my prob is that i don't have the model name for all my items...
  2. I'm having problems with my easy populate. When i "upload and import EP file", it goes says that it makes my changes and gives me no errors. When i check my store it is the same as before i updated. The import didn't update my database. My temp folder shows that the file is being uploaded but nothing actually gets imported. I have register globals=true on my php. What could the problem be? Its driving me nuts. ======================================== output: Easy Populate 2.76f-MS2 - Default Language : english(1) Filename: EP2007Nov03-1604(2).csv | ellakd | Ellaerasdf | | | 2995 Updated ======================================== Temp Dir: /home/myspatec/public_html/temp/ Temp Dir is Writable Magic Quotes is: off Split files on: 300 records Model Num Size: 12 Price with tax: false Calc Precision: 2 Replace quotes: false Field seperator: comma Excel safe output: true Preserve tab/cr/lf: false Category depth: 7 Enable attributes: true SEF Froogle URLS: false More Pics: true Unknown Pics: false HTC: false SPPC: false Extra Fields: false =============================== Apache version 1.3.37 (Unix) PHP version 4.4.4 MySQL version 4.1.22-standard