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  1. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Mine is all good as well. Cheers, Eddy
  2. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    @burt I have completed a purchase! Thanks, Eddy
  3. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Thanks Gary - on second thought, a link to the file location is going to do the job.
  4. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Hi Gary, Can a pdf invoice be attached to the outgoing e-mail? Thanks, Eddy
  5. Maybe set up to have errors output to a file, so that even the owners of live shops can help as well? Eddy
  6. Works great but the meaning would be more precise if the "--- Please Select ---" can be changed to something like "--- All Distributors ---"? Thanks, Eddy
  7. Hello Gary, Office hours, additional contact info, and general info on the contact us page please Eddy
  8. Hello @burt, How about a module adding a dropdown with shortcuts jumping to listed distributors country? I have already achieved that by adding an anchor to each distributor's country and wrapping the country names in a dropdown menu under the title, but a module will be neat. Thanks, Eddy
  9. Moxamint

    Compare my shop with "Frozen"

    Do not forget to compare the <<install.sql>> from two packages. Some in-built modules are different and some of the configuration values are added or removed between two versions. Eddy
  10. Moxamint

    Product Extra Field

    I am using this one (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7810, 25th February 2011) and it works fine with BS Frozen. You can even build a new content module so that you do not need to modify <<product_info.php>>. I have the file set of the modified files. Please PM me if you are interested. Eddy
  11. Not exactly but that is another idea. My thought is to search certain key words so that similar products are all counted. Thanks, Eddy
  12. If the module can search certain user-defined key words through out table `orders_products` then in my case I can say something like "374,749 Insect Cages Sold" when "Insect Cage" was looked for. Thanks, Eddy
  13. "Happy Customers from xx (e.g. 80) Countries" ? Thanks, Eddy
  14. Moxamint

    Jssor Slider

    Why would that drive the visitor nuts? Just curious. Thanks, Eddy
  15. @BrockleyJohn has one here: https://github.com/BrockleyJohn/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/image_captions_addon Cheers, Eddy
  16. Hi @auzStar, What does this cookie.js do? I do not have it on my latest osC Frozen but this add-on of yours works just fine. Please advise. Thanks, Eddy
  17. Here @GLWalker gives detailed instructions on how to integrate tinyMCE: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Fc1HV&amp;advanced-tinymce For your information. Cheers, Eddy PS. tinyMCE is free - you just need to use a lower version.
  18. Moxamint

    Product Listing

    @ce7 The 20th line from the bottom is not quite right: } //else { Did you comment out the 'else' for a specific reason? It'll screw up the logic. Eddy
  19. Moxamint

    Category on Index

    I confirm that the new code added by @Jack_mcs works. Cheers, Eddy
  20. Moxamint

    Category on Index

    Hi Jack, In your add-on package includes\modules\content\index\templates\category_images.php, line 17: <meta itemprop="numberOfItems" content="<?php echo (int)$num_category_images; ?>" /> I did not see any value assigned to $num_category_images and I looked at the HTML source "content" was always set to zero (<meta itemprop="numberOfItems" content="0" />). Did I miss something? Thanks, Eddy
  21. Modular Navigation Bar sub-modules are using old version of font awesome. You have to look through module files and change the syntax/style of the icons accordingly: https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/setup/upgrading-from-version-4 Best wishes, Eddy
  22. @burt On the Font Awesome website it sez SVG & JS is "new and advanced framework" and has an advantage of "Auto-Accessibility" and other. Is that enough a reason to stay using slower SVG & JS? Thanks, Eddy
  23. Text in "Sort By" drop-down do not align properly. Eddy
  24. So the search box in header does not search keywords in product description at all even if you set 'My Store -> QuickSearch searches in description' in admin to 'true'. To enable searches in description again, in 'includes\modules\content\header\ cm_header_search.php', I added the following line of code: $search_box .= tep_draw_hidden_field('search_in_description', QUICKSEARCH_IN_DESCRIPTION == 'true' ? '1' : '0'); ABOVE the following existing line of code: $search_box .= tep_hide_session_id() . '</form>'; It works, but I am not sure if I'm doing it correctly. Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm using BS Edge. Cheers, Eddy