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  1. 23 minutes ago, raiwa said:

    OP uses KissIt image thumbnailer, he needs therefore width and height numeric values.

    Is there a drawback if you make KissIt image thumbnailer calculate the width or height automatically if only height or width is provided?

    Thanks, Eddy

  2. 32 minutes ago, Heatherbell said:

    Many thanks for your reply - I can confirm that it does work on my clean install of
    So sorry for my mistake - it is a problem with my upgrade on old categories file. (shame face).

    Have you figured out how the old add-on affected TinyMCE?  I had the same issue previously and it turned out the javascript of the other add-on loaded too early and thus the issue.


    6 hours ago, ArtcoInc said:

    @Moxamint @burt

    Does the 'Product Drag and Sort' code allow the shop owner to also sort the categories (or sub-categories)? Or, only products?

    In addition to includes/modules/content/index_products, does the code changes also have to be applied to includes/modules/content/index_nested ?


    PS: I too think this should be added to the core.


    The Drag n Sort works for the categories, too.  It takes a few code changes for Gary's mod to use the same database fields that Product Sort Within Category uses, but after that, they work harmoniously together. 


  4. 1 hour ago, 14steve14 said:

    Is there any possibility that this will be updated for Phoenix as its the only product sort order that I can find.  I have tried to install it but  the difference in code changes is too much for my pay grade to sort. I found similar code in a few files so don't really know what to change. I got all the admin ones changed.

    Hi Steve, move the required code changes from index.php to includes\modules\content\index_products\cm_ip_product_listing.php and I think that's it.


  5. @burt Hi Gary,

    I have integrated this Product Sort Within Category successfully with the core sorting functionality.  I even added the "Product Drag and Sort" you coded many years ago to make custom sorting of the products very easy.  However, in <<general.php>> the function tep_create_sort_heading where the sorting table heading is built, it has the following piece of code:

    $sort_suffix = (substr($sortby, 0, 1) == $colnum ? (substr($sortby, 1, 1) == 'a' ? LISTING_SORT_DOWN : LISTING_SORT_UP) : LISTING_SORT_UNSELECTED) . '</a>';

    If the number of sort filters >9, substr($sortby, 0, 1) will not return the correct $colnum.  Instead substr($sortby, 0, -1) will work.

    This is just for your information - I guess 99.99% of shopowners will not have this issue.

    Thanks, Eddy

  6. On 3/30/2019 at 1:15 AM, burt said:

    I've now created a module for order_success to replace the standard order success email that osC sends.  If anyone wants to test it:


    and progress all the way through the checkout.  You'll get an email sent by this new system - so PLEASE use a real email address...

    This system is looking like another game-changer.

    Just bought an item and received two e-mails.

    Is it intended?

    Thanks, Eddy

  7. 19 hours ago, burt said:

    These two (especially the reviews one) are game changing for shopowners, in my opinion. 

    I'm trying to make another game-changer based on the ideas in this thread and have gotten it sort of working;


    In this example, a new customer "Donald Duck" just signed up...he gave his birthday as 10th November 1960;

    • send at (birthday) will go out 21 days prior:  20th October
    • send at (shipping follow up) will go out in 21 days from now
    • send at (request review) will go out 30 days from now

    That's the basis of this system.  I will also create an admin page where shopowner can easily see the email queue and delete/add emails.

    This is a complicated project, but I have it under control.

    Any more ideas for emails to go into the Email Queue?

    Hi Gary,

    Can a pdf invoice be attached to the outgoing e-mail?

    Thanks, Eddy

  8. On 5/27/2018 at 6:32 PM, auzStar said:

    It seems that the cookie.js file (which this add-on needs) has been removed from the latest CE version, not sure why.

    The installation routine never checked for this file as it assumed it was always there. It only checked for the files that were being uploaded for this add-on.

    I have attached a zipped copy of the file. Download and extract it to "ext/jquery" folder on your server.

    See if that fixes your problem.

    Hopefully nothing else has been changed in the latest CE version to break add-ons.

    Hi @auzStar,

    What does this cookie.js do?  I do not have it on my latest osC Frozen but this add-on of yours works just fine.  Please advise.

    Thanks, Eddy

  9. 38 minutes ago, puggybelle said:

    Spoke too soon.  Apparently, the mysite.com/# is also there with the My Account link in the default navbar.

    But, here's what I mean about the funny business of circles swirling and rotating from ! to ?

    This is the default navigation bar with My Account installed:


    The icons that should appear, etc.

    Here's the My Account box in the modular navigation bar:


    Except those circles are swirling and rotating from exclamation point to question mark and never stop.

    Okay, done complaining.  Is this navbar not compatible with the CE version?  Perhaps that's my problem?

    - Andrea

    Modular Navigation Bar sub-modules are using old version of font awesome.  You have to look through module files and change the syntax/style of the icons accordingly:


    Best wishes, Eddy