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  1. Moxamint

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    Have you figured out how the old add-on affected TinyMCE? I had the same issue previously and it turned out the javascript of the other add-on loaded too early and thus the issue. Eddy
  2. Hi, Is there a reason why navbar modules "Languages" & "Currencies" are disabled on checkout pages? Is it going to cause any issues if they are enabled during the checkout? Thanks in advance for your advice. Eddy
  3. I switched between languages & currencies many times before making test orders, so far no unwanted effect yet.
  4. @Heatherbell I did change the core code and everything went well so far. I just wanted to make sure it isn't something bad that I should not be doing. Cheers, Eddy
  5. I thought this is the default behavior?
  6. Moxamint

    [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    The Drag n Sort works for the categories, too. It takes a few code changes for Gary's mod to use the same database fields that Product Sort Within Category uses, but after that, they work harmoniously together. Eddy
  7. Moxamint

    [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    Hi Steve, move the required code changes from index.php to includes\modules\content\index_products\cm_ip_product_listing.php and I think that's it. Eddy
  8. Moxamint

    [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    I actually think it should go into the core... Eddy
  9. Moxamint

    [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    @burt Hi Gary, I have integrated this Product Sort Within Category successfully with the core sorting functionality. I even added the "Product Drag and Sort" you coded many years ago to make custom sorting of the products very easy. However, in <<general.php>> the function tep_create_sort_heading where the sorting table heading is built, it has the following piece of code: $sort_suffix = (substr($sortby, 0, 1) == $colnum ? (substr($sortby, 1, 1) == 'a' ? LISTING_SORT_DOWN : LISTING_SORT_UP) : LISTING_SORT_UNSELECTED) . '</a>'; If the number of sort filters >9, substr($sortby, 0, 1) will not return the correct $colnum. Instead substr($sortby, 0, -1) will work. This is just for your information - I guess 99.99% of shopowners will not have this issue. Thanks, Eddy
  10. Moxamint

    Customer Orders Tab in Admin Orders (hook)

    I found this add-on very handy as well. Thank you @BrockleyJohn Eddy
  11. Hi All, For the server date, I know I can change the timezone by modifying configuration.php. As for the MySQL database, can I just run this script to change its timezone and forget about it: mysql_query("SET time_zone = '-5:00';"); If so, which file should I put this piece of code in? Thank you very much in advance for your input. Eddy
  12. Thank you very much @BrockleyJohn ! Cheers, Eddy
  13. Hi All, Is the sort order of Header Tags modules affect anything? Thanks, Eddy
  14. Moxamint

    Product Extra Field

    Give me a couple of days to dig it out. Thanks for your patience. Eddy
  15. I think it is the default logic. I guess this is what you had in mind? I had it custom coded by someone at this forum. Thanks, Eddy
  16. @supercheaphobb Take a look at this one: https://apps.oscommerce.com/lRMLi&fix-shipping-method-description-in-order Eddy
  17. Hi All, In my osC CE BS4, the header search box will show an 'x' button for clearing the text: Is there a way to remove/disable that 'x' button? I do not see the same thing in my BS3 site so I assume that's a BS4 thing. Thanks in advance for your help. Eddy
  18. Thanks Gary for the info. My main reason is for trouble-shooting. I believe it screwed up something that I installed myself. I was also thinking about styling it if I could figure out what that is. Cheers, Eddy Edit: The code shown in above website does the trick.
  19. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Just bought an item and received two e-mails. Is it intended? Thanks, Eddy
  20. Hi All, I remember this has been discussed somewhere but I just couldn't find it. How do I force an icon in Navbar to stay visible in small view, while other icons collapse into the hamburger menu? I'm running the lastest CE, BS4. Thanks, Eddy
  21. @raiwa Thanks but it turned out like this: It breaks to the line below the hamburger and brand. It is the same even if I turn off the brand. Eddy
  22. Thank you @raiwa @JcMagpie Both solutions worked but it'll need more tweaking if I want the shopping cart icon to position/function properly. Cheers, Eddy
  23. Hi @JcMagpie Do you have code example for this e.g if I'd like to let shopping cart stay visible all the time. I could not find class="collapse navbar-collapse" anywhere. Thanks, Eddy
  24. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Mine is all good as well. Cheers, Eddy