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  1. Modular Navigation Bar sub-modules are using old version of font awesome. You have to look through module files and change the syntax/style of the icons accordingly: https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/setup/upgrading-from-version-4 Best wishes, Eddy
  2. Hi, Is using Google Analytics module in osC considered GDPR's definition of profiling using personal information ? Thanks in advance for your input. Eddy
  3. Moxamint

    Paypal duplicate orders

    On rare occasions I would receive two confirmation e-mails from PayPal from both <<paypal_standard.php>> & <<standard_ipn.php>> for the same PayPal transaction, but most of the time I receive just one confirmation e-mail from PayPal - either (mostly) from <<paypal_standard.php>> or from <<standard_ipn.php>>. My site is on the latest BS Edge with PayPal App v5.018 Payment Standard updated to work with BS Edge. PayPal PDT is set to on and IPN messages is disabled in my PayPal account. Cheers, Eddy
  4. @Jack_mcs Apparently the typo has been noticed & mentioned... never mind. Cheers, Eddy
  5. @Jack_mcs In includes\classes\seo.class.php in the most recent Ultimate SEO URLs package you uploaded (1st October 2016), line 1124 FROM `peoducts_description` should be FROM `products_description` Cheers, Eddy
  6. Moxamint

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi, I am using Ultimate Seo Urls 5 for Responsive Oscom (https://apps.oscommerce.com/Hj4y0&ultimate-seo-urls-5-for-responsive-oscom) and have not encountered any issues with it. However, one of my languages is Japanese, which is a multi-byte language. When I had all special characters filtered out, the URLs basically have nothing left but something like "-c-5_9.html". Is it possible to force all languages to use and only use the SEO URLs of the default language (English)? Since Japanese SEO URLs still have /ja/ as part of the URL, (I think) the Japanese pages will still be properly indexed. Thanks in advance if anyone could give me some ideas on how to do this. Cheers, Eddy
  7. Moxamint

    Products Weight editor?

    It requires code changes in class file \includes\classes\shopping_cart.php because the osC in-built attribute system does not recognize weight options so that they won't get added into the total weight. Perhaps some experienced coders in this forums would chime in and help you with the code changes required. Cheers, Eddy
  8. @OscPresto Hi, I had similar issue with Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete when and only when my site switched to using multi-byte languages such as Chinese and Japanese. @auzStar Dominic kindly offered me a solution and it solved the problem when searching in non-English languages. In file "catalog\ext\modules\header_tags\twitter_typeahead\autocomplete.php", find and replace all occurrences of the below - replace preg_with mb_ereg_replace replace strlen with mb_strlen replace stripos with mb_stripos replace substr with mb_substr Please also make sure your files are UTF-8 encoded. Best regards, Eddy
  9. Moxamint

    Feedback for raiwa

    Rainer is a very responsive and detailed coder. I asked if he could code a quite complicated system that I had never seen done before for osCommerce. Rainer proposed a system using a new approach, and the result is very satisfying. Not only everything went smoothly and in schedule, Rainer's responded to all my extra requests and tweaked the code until it reached or was even beyond my standard for perfection. I would definitely hire Rainer again for my future projects.
  10. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Yes it's now working without a hiccup! Cheers, Eddy
  11. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @Gergely@clustersolution@douglaswalker I confirm that my issue was introduced by the code change I made in checkout_process.php. I did not know PayPal does use checkout_process.php, and the code change in it works for my bank payment option, so I never looked into it... Thanks very much again for your help! Best wishes, Eddy
  12. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @clustersolution Update: All info provided above was from my development site. I just made a real purchase at my productive site (running on non-responsive osC and everything including e-mail went through and logged correctly with IPN turned off and PDT turned on in my PayPal account. If I remember correctly, the old osC only uses IPN. So does PayPal code in osC simply ignore the setting in PayPal account??? Thanks, Eddy
  13. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @clustersolution I turned off IPN and left PDT on. Now I received only one e-mail from paypal_standard.php and the customer was redirected to checkout_success.php successfully. However, while the order ID logged in the e-mail is 1060717418, the order ID logged in admin/orders is 1060717417. I went to check my database, the order ID to be used for next order is 1060717418. Also the order status stayed at Preparing [PayPal]. It never changed to Verify [PayPal]. I have no idea what's happening. I guess my issues with PayPal APP is unique? Thanks, Eddy
  14. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Thanks. I'll try using PDT only and see what happens. Is <<checkout_process.php>> being called at all when using PayPal Standard? <<standard_ipn.php>> redirect buyers to <<checkout_success.php>>, but in osC admin the PayPal Standard suggest that <<checkout_process.php>> must be used as the return URL. Thanks, Eddy
  15. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    I have IPN on only. PDT is off. I am receiving 2 e-mails all the time - one from <<ext\modules\payment\paypal\standard_ipn.php>> and the other one from <<includes\modules\payment\paypal_standard.php>>. Thanks, Eddy
  16. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @Gergely I did not see any order_status value being zero. The two-email issue remains. Also my product stock was deducted twice. My currently setup in my PayPal account has only IPN turned on. I am going to roll back my PayPal APP to version v4.039 and start over. Thanks, Eddy
  17. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @Gergely I placed an order after added the above code, and the order_status in orders table was 5, of which number is assigned to "Verified [PayPal]" Thanks, Eddy
  18. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @Gergely Thanks I'll give it a try and report back. I have a new finding, though, that anything I changed in PayPal website would take a while to kick in. I'll try turn off PDT again and see what's gonna happen. Also @clustersolutions by looking at the code in <<paypal_standard.php>> IPN seems to be loaded anyway regardless the setting in your PayPal account - can anyone advise on this? Cheers, Eddy
  19. Moxamint

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @Harald Ponce de Leon Hi, I am having some issues when using PayPal Standard with the latest PayPal APP. I am running osC BS Edge and have recently upgraded PayPal APP from v4.039 to v5.018. Because my server is on PHP v7.0.14 so I had to modify the following 19 files to make the "deprecated constructor" warning message go away in PayPal APP: includes\apps\paypal\cfg_params\ssl_version.php includes\apps\paypal\cfg_params\transactions_order_status_id.php includes\apps\paypal\hooks\admin\orders\tab.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\DP\DP.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\checkout_flow.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\incontext_button_color.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\incontext_button_shape.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\incontext_button_size.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\cfg_params\transaction_method.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\EC\EC.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\HS\HS.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\LOGIN\LOGIN.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\PS\cfg_params\prepare_order_status_id.php includes\apps\paypal\modules\PS\PS.php includes\modules\content\login\cm_paypal_login.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_express.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_pro_dp.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_pro_hs.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_standard.php All test purchases went through. Payments were received OK. However, I always received TWO confirmation e-mails with two different, continuous order IDs for each order. Only the smaller order ID number would be registered in admin/order. The customer's comments would only show in the e-mail with larger order ID number, but disappeared in admin/order. This phenomenon occurred either when only IPN or PDT was enabled, or both IPN and PDT were enabled. It looks to me the following two files are both sending out order confirmation e-mails: ext\modules\payment\paypal\standard_ipn.php includes\modules\payment\paypal_standard.php It would be great if anyone can give me a direction on how to fix this issue of mine. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Cheers, Eddy
  20. @@auzStar I received an extraordinary support from Dominic - he helped me solve an incompatibility issue of other add-on within just a few hours to work with this excellent 'Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search'. Thank you very much Dominic :thumbsup: Eddy
  21. Hi Jack, Thanks but it doesn't work. The strange thing is that the Ultimate SEO URLs works even if I delete the whole block of code from Ultimate SEO URLs in application_top.php. Very strange. Now I hard code $languages_id in this line: $seo_urls = new SEO_URL($languages_id); I set it to '1' (English) and all URLs are now consistent, no matter what language I use. I am happy with this result. Cheers, Eddy
  22. @@Jack_mcs Hi Jack, Is it possible to turn on/off Ultimate SEO URLs based on language used? I have two languages shop side. When I am in English pages for example, the URL is re-written as something like "some-url-p-363.html", which is perfect. However, when I switch to Japanese, the URL may become "-p-363.html" because the special characters are skipped. I'd rather have Ultimate SEO URLs turned off only for Japanese, since the URLs do not make sense anymore. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Eddy
  23. Moxamint

    Search add-on Reviews

    @@Gergely Hi Gergely I see this differently, though. Customer's search result could turn out a big listing of items sharing similar description when the products themselves may look very differently. Showing thumbnails in the drop down will be very helpful in this case. I guess it all depends on what you sell. Regards, Eddy
  24. Moxamint

    Search add-on Reviews

    Agreed. I think it's better that the functionality being consistent throughout the site so that customers do not need to spend too much time on learning how to use your site.