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  1. Thanks Gary for the info. My main reason is for trouble-shooting. I believe it screwed up something that I installed myself. I was also thinking about styling it if I could figure out what that is. Cheers, Eddy Edit: The code shown in above website does the trick.
  2. Hi All, In my osC CE BS4, the header search box will show an 'x' button for clearing the text: Is there a way to remove/disable that 'x' button? I do not see the same thing in my BS3 site so I assume that's a BS4 thing. Thanks in advance for your help. Eddy
  3. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Just bought an item and received two e-mails. Is it intended? Thanks, Eddy
  4. @raiwa Thanks but it turned out like this: It breaks to the line below the hamburger and brand. It is the same even if I turn off the brand. Eddy
  5. Thank you @raiwa @JcMagpie Both solutions worked but it'll need more tweaking if I want the shopping cart icon to position/function properly. Cheers, Eddy
  6. Hi @JcMagpie Do you have code example for this e.g if I'd like to let shopping cart stay visible all the time. I could not find class="collapse navbar-collapse" anywhere. Thanks, Eddy
  7. Hi All, I remember this has been discussed somewhere but I just couldn't find it. How do I force an icon in Navbar to stay visible in small view, while other icons collapse into the hamburger menu? I'm running the lastest CE, BS4. Thanks, Eddy
  8. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Mine is all good as well. Cheers, Eddy
  9. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    @burt I have completed a purchase! Thanks, Eddy
  10. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Thanks Gary - on second thought, a link to the file location is going to do the job.
  11. Moxamint

    Email queuing system

    Hi Gary, Can a pdf invoice be attached to the outgoing e-mail? Thanks, Eddy
  12. Maybe set up to have errors output to a file, so that even the owners of live shops can help as well? Eddy
  13. Moxamint

    Compare my shop with "Frozen"

    Do not forget to compare the <<install.sql>> from two packages. Some in-built modules are different and some of the configuration values are added or removed between two versions. Eddy
  14. Moxamint

    Product Extra Field

    I am using this one (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7810, 25th February 2011) and it works fine with BS Frozen. You can even build a new content module so that you do not need to modify <<product_info.php>>. I have the file set of the modified files. Please PM me if you are interested. Eddy