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  1. @Jack_mcs Apparently the typo has been noticed & mentioned... never mind. Cheers, Eddy
  2. @Jack_mcs In includes\classes\seo.class.php in the most recent Ultimate SEO URLs package you uploaded (1st October 2016), line 1124 FROM `peoducts_description` should be FROM `products_description` Cheers, Eddy
  3. Hi, I am using Ultimate Seo Urls 5 for Responsive Oscom ( and have not encountered any issues with it. However, one of my languages is Japanese, which is a multi-byte language. When I had all special characters filtered out, the URLs basically have nothing left but something like "-c-5_9.html". Is it possible to force all languages to use and only use the SEO URLs of the default language (English)? Since Japanese SEO URLs still have /ja/ as part of the URL, (I think) the Japanese pages will still be properly indexed. Thanks in advance if anyone could give me some ideas on how to do this. Cheers, Eddy
  4. It requires code changes in class file \includes\classes\shopping_cart.php because the osC in-built attribute system does not recognize weight options so that they won't get added into the total weight. Perhaps some experienced coders in this forums would chime in and help you with the code changes required. Cheers, Eddy
  5. So I guess it has fallen into the "great idea, doesn't work" category? Taiwan started using daylight saving in 1945 under the decision of Japanese government. It was then ended in 1980 by the Taiwanese government. It took the politicians so long to figure out daylight saving was merely an annoying thing.
  6. I am wondering if there is a statistics on the actually energy saving by doing this daylight saving thing.
  7. @ArtcoInc Thanks. Just wish there is no such thing...
  8. Hi Jack, Thanks for the comment. 1) My host in the USA could change the hosting location; 2) There is one thing called "daylight saving" and we do not have that in Taiwan. Result: the time offset could change without my awareness. My site generates custom order IDs based on the time orders are placed to match our ERP system, and these order IDs reset everyday. They highly reply on server time being sync to local time of Taiwan to operate. So if there is a way to avoid changing core code everywhere, I sure will vote for that. Cheers, Eddy
  9. Actually I just started my attempt to fix this time issue side-wise by using the old-fashioned way (core changes). I have defined the following: $dateServer = new DateTime("now", new DateTimeZone(date_default_timezone_get())); $dateStore = new DateTime("now", new DateTimeZone('Asia/Taipei')); $TimeOffset = $dateServer->format('H') - $dateStore->format('H') ...and am on my way to change all occurrences of 'now()'... An admin dashboard module would be extremely welcome... :) Cheers, Eddy
  10. @burt Yes about code did it :) ...and moon cake, fire crackers, and the whole nine yards. Cheers, Eddy
  11. @burt Hi Gary, Unfortunately it does not work by just changing 'now()' to 'now() - interval 10 hour' in checkout_process, because the function tep_db_perform() that will deal with the database later only recognizes 'now()' as one of the switches. if I move 'now() - interval 10 hour' directly into function tep_db_perform(), then it works correctly. Thanks and Happy Moon Festival, Eddy
  12. @Jack_mcs The add-on basically does what @burt suggested by moving the code to function tep_db_perform() so that the database time is altered each time the function is called. So I guess I have my questions answered. Thanks again, Eddy
  13. Thanks for confirmation. I'll look into it as well. Cheers, Eddy
  14. @burt Many thanks! Will try that. Although I could order their MySQL VPS but that would cost extra money every month... @Jack_mcs The add-on you pointed me to only instructed me to add define('CFG_TIME_ZONE', 'America/Los_Angeles'); in configure.php. That would only change the timezone php script uses, but the server / database timezone won't be affected. Maybe you meant to point me to this one Time Zone Offset - Adjust to match your instead?
  15. Hi, My company is located in Asia but my website is hosted in the States. I managed to change the timezone of the Apache server to match my location by adding date.timezone = "Asia/Taipei" in php.ini and I have also changed the related value in configure.php for both shop and admin. However, when an order was placed, the logged order time still used the US timezone. The database timezone was not changed. Is there a piece of code I should use to change the database timezone? Thanks in advance for your time and help. Eddy