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  1. Craig, Sorry, no one has responded wtih anything on this. Maybe a better question to ask everyone is "Is there a version that someone is using who does a lot of International shipments who is not having an issue. Then maybe I can switch to that or what have you." Bob
  2. Hi, I am receiving an error "An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations." It seems this happens for any country that does not have a postal code. I have tried puting in 00000 as the postal code and that does not work. Has anyone seen this before and know the fix? I assume it is has happened before as someone else must be shipping international :) Thanks! Bob
  3. Hi, I found the module about a year ago that I was looking for, but now that I actually need it I can't find it. What I need is a module that can accept a list of license keys. They when a certain product is purchased, the license key can be inserted into the purchase email that is sent to the customer. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks! Bob