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    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Thank you very much Alex, I was a little at a loss to whether it was more a paypal or super download issue; many thanks for pointing me in the right direction, it is working fine now!
  2. freeview19

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I need a little more help if anyone can. The shop I am responsible for sells downloads, some of wich we group together, and these work fine for every other payment method except paypal, the paypal module just adds a rather cryptic Group_Files-1 to the order_products_download table instead of the what it is suppose to a row for each of the product in the group. Any ideas on how paypal works differently in this respect, or where I might start looking for an answer?
  3. freeview19

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I thought I would add the answer to my problem I posted a couple of days ago: My problem was that the paypal module would not install, I would click the install button with no effect. I solved this by looking in the database; I found that in the configuration table there were multiple instances of the configuration key MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_IPN_STATUS, I deleted all but one of these and the module started working. Now I am passing on my experience I do not have a detailed knowledge of this area, so I cannot vouch for the safety of this fix, only for it's apparent efficacy. I would be interested to know other people thoughts and also mayb any ideas on what could have caused this problem.
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    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hello, Could anyone help me, I was using the Paypal ipn module, but removed it some time ago. I now wish to start using the 2.3.3; I have copied the files over, but in the admin when I click the install button nothing happens; the same is true when I try to revert to the old 2.3.2 I was using I click install and the page refreshes, but the install button stays and no options to configure, what is going on? I have tries chmod-ing and the files are chown-ed to the correct user. I would be grateful if someone could help. Happy New Year anyway!
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    I have installed the 2.7 version of the affiliate program, with only a few minor problems; however at present I am able to count the number of time the banners has been shown and the number of clicks, but the system is not showing up any of the purchases made (These are test purchases using either COD or paypal sandbox) is there something obvious I have not done? I do notice when going through the systm, the affiliate ID is passed in the url right up to the point where the user has to log into their account, so I guess this is what is going wrong, but what do I need to do about it?
  6. freeview19

    Severe Paypal problem

    Can someone help, my oscommerce shop when people pay using either Euros or US Dollars (default is UK pounds) everything is fine when the orders go through protx, however when paypal is used the amount that goes through is half the value of UK pounds. The cart and the checkout add the amount up properly but for some reason paypal just gets passed the half the uk price. Could we have been hacked or something?
  7. freeview19

    Paypal using the wrong value of order

    In my store we have a discount system for multiple items purchased, this work fine except in the case of downloads where the user is told the amount charged by paypal does not match the value of the order and refuses to display the download link. Is it possible to change the code so the value of the order is what we charge the customer and not the sum total of the goods?