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  1. Hi Jan, regarding my Ideal emailreminder issue from page 5, here I am again. The issue is still not fixed, after some time of not looking at it anymore I am working on this issue again. My latest findings are that somehow a session is not ending correctly. Let me give you an example. I ordered a product and paid via ideal. The ordernumber was 1413, no email confirmation I made some changes as mentioned by you in the past, just to try them again I made a new order via ideal, the ordernumber was 1414 and what happened> i receive two emailaconfirmations about order 1413, but the time between those orders was about 30 minutes, so it could never be the real confirmation of 1413, it was triggered then ordering order 1414. Strange or what. I did find something interesting in the SQL database, but I don't know what caused this: When starting the idealpayment for 1414, order 1413 is put in the database with same entrancecode. Any thoughts?
  2. I backup every file before I start changing code. No unexpected $end now :-) That was because I did remove the } in the } elseif ($do_email) { $orderid = tep_db_query("SELECT order_id FROM " . TABLE_IDEAL_PAYMENTS . " WHERE payment_id='" . $paymentid . "'"); how stupid of me. But iDeal order proceeds fine now, but still no email :-(
  3. Ahm, forgot to note that. I am working from 8:30 untill 5. I do have access to my website (FTP and admin panel) here ar work but I don't have the rights to install software.So I just downloaded the file, looked for the code and deleted the lines. This weekend I will try it at home again. Any idea what the 'unexected $end' means?
  4. Thanks for all your help. The above fix gives an PHP error (Unexpected $end on line 495) that line is empty though. Maybe I deleted too much lines? I don't have a good editor like Notepad++ here so I had to count lines myself :-)
  5. I've tried two things: 1) I uploaded the admin/idealm_email.php file to the catalog folder and in the checkout_process.php file I changed: require_once('admin/idealm_email.php'); into require_once('idealm_email.php'); 2) I changed in the checkout_process.php file: require_once('admin/idealm_email.php'); into // require_once('admin/idealm_email.php'); and then I placed all code from admin/idealm_email.php directly under it. Both fixes did not work, still no email sent. But... I hope I can explain this correctly; I logged in with my emailaddress and password. Then I placed a product into my basked. I paid the order using iDeal. > No email was sent. And then, 15 minutes later when I was still logged in, I placed another order, paid via iDeal and when I clicked to the final step I got an iDeal order that some variables were missing. But strangely enough an email was sent succesully after placing the 2nd order, but the email was from the first order, according to the ordernumber and product I ordered. Maybe it has something to do with the session? How could I fix this then?
  6. can I replace this line from checkout_process.php: require_once('office/idealm_email.php'); with the actual contents from the idealm_php file?
  7. That's correct. Could this explain the fact that it is working fine when I make an iDeal testorder myself? Because I'm then also logged in in the admin area? According to the Server Info in the admin area, register_globals is set to on. But I do want to mention that although I've upgraded to RC2a my host is still running PHP Version 4.4.9-0.dotdeb.1 , would setting it to PHP5 solve the issue? Well, when the emails were still send, comments were not included in the email, same for the customer name. The mail started with "Beste ," instead of "Beste Voornaam Achternaam," Thanks for your information Jan. I hope we can find a solution for this.
  8. Hello, first of all; thanks for this great way to update the shop without having to install a new shop without any contributions. I've changed all the files and the shop is working like a charm but there's one problem. When customers are paying via iDeal, they won't receive the orderconfirmation. Neither do the people who are in the 'send extra order emails to' part in the admin area. The email is send from the file catalog/checkout_process.php, I've tried to find a solution myself. I thought I solved it because one line of code was referring to admin/ideal_mail.php whilst I just renamed the admin folder to something else. But it's still not working. Please note, emails are being sent just fine when the customer pays via one of the other methods (Paypal or prepaid). It's just the iDeal part. I used the idealm contribution from the addons-site, no problems with it so far. I think it must be with some lines in the checkout_process.php file that need to be changed to be compatible with the rc2a upgrade. Here are some lines from the checkout_Process.php file that handle the email for iDeal. I really hope you can help me. Around line 89 // IDEAL AANPASSING $do_email = true; if (is_object($$payment)) { $payment_class = $$payment; if ($payment_class->code == 'idealm') { if ((!tep_session_is_registered('trans')) || ($trans != 'success')) $do_email = false; } } if ((tep_session_is_registered('paymentid')) && ($payment_class->code != 'idealm')) { tep_db_query("UPDATE ".TABLE_IDEAL_PAYMENTS." SET payment_status='".MODULE_PAYMENT_IDEALM_ORDER_CANCELLED_STATUS_ID."', date_last_check=now() WHERE payment_id='" . $paymentid."'"); tep_session_unregister('paymentid'); tep_session_unregister('trans'); tep_session_unregister('coupon_code_code'); tep_session_unregister('coupon_code_value'); } if (!tep_session_is_registered('paymentid')) { // EINDE IDEAL AANPASSING Please note that above this piece of code, I've added a new line as was mentioned in the upgrade package, this is the line: // load the before_process function from the payment modules $payment_modules->before_process(); More iDeal related lines: Around line 175: // IDEAL AANPASSING $customer_notification = '0'; if ($payment_class->code == 'idealm') { if ($do_email) $customer_notification = '1'; } else { $customer_notification = (SEND_EMAILS == 'true') ? '1' : '0'; } // EINDE IDEAL AANPASSING Around line 333: // IDEAL AANPASSING } if (($do_email) && ($payment_class->code != 'idealm')) { // EINDE IDEAAL AANPASSING Around line 435: // IDEAL AANPASSING } elseif ($do_email) { $orderid = tep_db_query("SELECT order_id FROM " . TABLE_IDEAL_PAYMENTS . " WHERE payment_id='" . $paymentid . "'"); $orderid = tep_db_fetch_array($orderid); $order = new order($orderid['order_id']); $insert_id = $orderid['order_id']; $customer_id = $order->customer['id']; require_once('admin/idealm_email.php'); tep_session_unregister('paymentid'); tep_session_unregister('trans'); tep_session_unregister('coupon_code_code'); tep_session_unregister('coupon_code_value'); } if ((!$do_email) && ($trans != 'pending')) { $payment_modules->after_process(); } // EINDE IDEAL AANPASSING Around line 472 (I think this is from the first ideal addon I tried, didn't want to remove it because I have (had) no problems with that piece there so far. /* IDEAAL/IDEAL AANPASSING */ if ((($payment_class->code == 'moneyorder') && (MODULE_PAYMENT_IDEAAL_STATUS != 'True')) && (MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_INTERNETBANKING == 'True')) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS_IDEAAL . '?amount=' . $order_totals[$i-1]['value'] . '&ref=' . $insert_id, '', 'SSL')); } elseif ((($payment_class->code == 'idealm')) && (($trans == 'pending') || ($trans == 'success'))) { tep_session_unregister('paymentid'); tep_session_unregister('trans'); tep_session_unregister('coupon_code_code'); tep_session_unregister('coupon_code_value'); tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, '', 'SSL')); } else { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, '', 'SSL')); } /* EINDE IDEAAL/IDEAL AANPASSING */ I've placed the full checkout_process.php in this spoiler below, maybe that will come in handy?
  9. Remco Leuven

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Hi all. I have a small problem with this addon. I have a webshop and I use the Customer Discount addon there. When people buy a product and the person has a discount. The price mentioned in the email has the discount subtracted two times! Example, Product real cost is 10,- Customer has a 10% discount Cust sees on the shop that the product costs 9,- (that's with the 10% off) Cust make order, I see in the admin part also that the product is 9,- When I check the mail, the product costs 8,10 (again 10% was taken off) The total price in the order is correct. Hoe can I solve this?
  10. Remco Leuven

    Order limit

  11. Remco Leuven

    Order limit

    Hello everybody. I'm looking for a contribution where the admin can set a max. orderlimit per product so that the customers can only buy that specific product once per order (or twice, depending what limit you set). I have searched the contributions and the forum, but I have not found anything. But maybe I'm searching for the wrong words (I'm not English). Does anyone know if there is already a contribution like this on the forum or the website? Or does anyone know how hard it would be to make this (I've got some basic PHP knowledge). Thanks in advance!