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    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Thanks for a great contribution, it will hopefully be exactly what I need. However I'm having just one small problem in that I've installed the contribution and it seems to be working fine except for the fact that I can't update any of the shipping information for the Venders. I can access the admin pages fine by clicking on Vender Manager and then the manage button for the vendor I want to change. The list of Vendor Shipping Modules then appears and I can install them fine, however when I try and edit them and click on the update button the page reloads with the default settings. For example I keep trying to change the flat rate but it simply remains as 5.00!!!! Any ideas on what I can do to solve the problem? I followed the install instructions and haven't made any other modifications/contributions to my store so far. I'm guessing I've probably done something wrong somewhere being fairly new to oscommerce and phpmyadmin.