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  1. erima

    Looking for a contribution

    Yes, This is an easy modifiaction to do. The mod is called imprint text option http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...uct+text+option You can see it in action at http://www.classywigs.com/store They use it for color option and comments. It captures the text from the client for each order. Great for mugs, cakes, etc. Hope it helps, Eric Rima erima@creaetive-domains.net www.creative-domains.net
  2. You need to have a folder called "temp" to store the files to. It needs to be writable. Now that you have the english - here is the technical way to do it. Make sure you have a file called temp in your oscommerce directory. You need to edit easypopulate so that the temp directory (the default is /catalog/temp/) will point to your oscommerce directory (/temp) Then you need to set the permissions to allow the program to write to the directory. In cpanel, select temp folder, click on change permissions and set to 777. Good luck Eric Rima URL Removed The url has been changed, please do a search for easypopulate
  3. erima

    PayPal IPN?

    I am having the same problem on www.earcandletherapy.com. Be very careful that there are no extra line space at the end of general.php or any of the modified pages. I have found typically that when I get the cache session warning occurs, that 90% of the time I have extra spaces after the final >? Hope it helps.
  4. Hello, I am considering adding the affiliate module to a site that is finally rounding into shape. Discount Vitamin Shop. Has anyone been able to use this module with success on a store with 10,000 products? If so how many affiliates have been added and has the module affected system performance? I'd appreciate any advice or thoughts before we embark on this implementation. Thanks, Eric
  5. I would love to do it myself and modify the product_info.php, but after several days of guessing and trial and error - I was hoping that someone could point me to a part of the documentation on how to modify the shopping cart display ... one variable will do, once I get the basics - I'm hoping I can figure out the logic on adding the other variables I would like. Many thanks! Eric
  6. I've been through all contributions that I can find, they modify product info page but not the shopping cart when the customer goes to check out - I'm going to go through them one by one but if I search on "shopping_cart.php" then I should find any contribution that modifies that file????? I Hope ! :'(
  7. Noel, Thank you again for an outstanding contribution. Now that I have everything working just perfect, and not a care in the world ... I decided to complicate things. I want to add more detail to the shopping cart dispay ... shopping_cart.php so we can remind the buyer at check out just what a wonderful choice they made shopping at our store: Something like this: Remove Quantity Item Name SRP Our Price Savings Total Has anyone done this? I'd appreciate any guidance Thanks, Eric
  8. erima

    EZier New Fields

    :D I have enabled this mod on several stores, each time it has improved sales by 5 - 10 %. You will find that every modification you make that improves ease of use or impacts the message to the buyer will improve conversions. One example of the mod - http://www.discountvitaminshop.com LOL :lol: <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  9. erima

    Points/Rewards Module

    OK, We can't get it to work so we can redeem points if we have the credit voucher module installed ... sooooooo Can we get it to where we can have a report on # of points that can be run at the end of month where we issue a gift certificate to the customer? If we are just running a report and not calling the mod at checkout it won't affect the ability of the gift voucher module to function at check out and if the customer starts to see a really nice balance of points, rather than having them redeemed on an eligible purchase ... it will increase customer loyalty where we can send them increasing gifts. i.e. " Mr Jones, you have accumulated 9,000 points ... please use gift voucher T3133a on your next purchase for an additional 5% off on your purchase over $50.00. Your next bonus level is at 12,500 points." Just a thought. Eric
  10. Hello, My store has just over 7,000 items in it. My froogle data feed stops at 3882 items. Any ideas on how to get it to export the full file? Can I split the froogle data feed? Thanks for your insiqht. Eric
  11. Use the automatic froogle data feed ... the version you are using doesn't seem to be formatting correctly ... i had the same problem.